Update On RVD’s Hardcore Justice Opponent Tonight, Several Names Considered

RVD's Opponent
Who will RVD face tonight?

Credit: F4WOnline.com

As reported last night, the TNA Hardcore Justice PPV main event between Rob Van Dam and Jerry Lynn will not be taking place tonight. Lynn suffered a severe injury to either his back or hip while working out at the gym last week. He went to the doctor several times trying to get it fixed, but decided in the past few day that there was no way that he would be able to compete.

As far as a replacement for Lynn is concerned, TNA officials are contemplating several ideas. RVD will put his title on the line, but there likely will not be any plans for a title switch on such short notice. Top names considered to replace Lynn tonight are Sabu, Too Cold Scorpio, or Kid Kash. It’s my gut feeling that Sabu will likely be the replacement tonight.