WWE Superstar Rips Lacey Von Erich

– WWE star Goldust is the latest wrestling personality to critique Lacey Von Erich’s in-ring ability as he remarked the following on Twitter while watching her compete on Thursday night’s episode of TNA iMPACT:

“Lacey has no talent whatsoever.”

“She is horrible.”

“Great family but her no.”

Von Erich and Velvet Sky dropped the TNA Knockout Tag Team Championship to Taylor Wilde and Hamada during the taped broadcast.




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  • Mr.Hill

    I agree with him. It is painful watching anyone try to sell her moves. There are other female wrestlers doing their fathers proud, but not her.

  • Dan

    “Great family but her no.”

    First, you can say the same about Goldust “Great family but him no”

    But I disagree with him… she’s not that great, but there are worse. We all know female wrestlers are often more about looks than in ring talent. I mean Kelly Kelly can’t wrestle and Marie couldn’t wrestle, “Santina” can’t wrestle, but Goldust just is picking on Lacey since she’s TNA.

  • PowerUp 5000

    I agree…with GoldDust..But the same can be same with him as well….His Gimmick of being Golddust….Revived him from the WCW days of Dustin Rhodes

  • joemoefoe

    no. if golddust would have used his real name in wwe he would have more success then the bizzare gimmick of “goldust” ever will. and at his age he wont use it now. sad but true

    oh and lacey is hot but tna usual wants more outa the knockouts as far as actuallty wrestling, she’d be great in wwe, bc they have all the hot ones they uhhh arent that talentd in the ring haha with the exception of maryse of cousre

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