Spike Impressed with Paul Heyman, AAA & TNA’s Relationship, More

– As noted before, the TNA stars recently filmed promos that will air during Hardcore Justice this Sunday. They talked about growing up and watching ECW and what the brand meant to them.

– TNA and Mexico’s AAA promotion are interested in expanding their relationships. Some of the things they have talked about is trading more talent.

– Spike TV officials were very impressed with Paul Heyman after their recent conference call together. Heyman’s future with TNA is still up in the air but Spike executives at the recent iMPACT tapings talked about how they would like to see Heyman have creative control of the company.

Heyman continues to tell people that he can’t join TNA unless they are willing to make the major changes that are needed and if he gets the power needed to make those changes. Heyman is saying right now that he’s going forward with the idea that nothing is going to come of his talks with TNA.

Major TNA Title Spoiler, Surprise for Hardcore Justice, Hot Taylor Wilde Pix

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter




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  • PowerUp 5000

    I agree with Heyman..TNA needs Huge Changes across the Board…Only let Dixie Carter write the checks and not Think…Stop Vince Russo and the Bookers from writing them horriable Storylines..Let hogan and Bischoff leave …and make Jeff jarrett limit his TV time and ego which hurts the TNA locker room …Then allow ur TNA orignals (Hernandez.Beermoney,Joe,Kaz,Styles,Leather) and the X Divsion get there big PUSH again …Let people like Mr Anderson,Angle and Nash and Motor Machine Guns..Talk on Mic more there verbal skillz get the crowd invovled

  • paul g

    yea now if they read these and use our comments tna would prob be great

  • PowerUp 5000

    @ Paul..lol I agree…Hell Dixie throwing money away , she just just put all us on the wrestlescoop comments board on salary at least then TNA would make it

  • Mr knowit

    Look tna is too small they need to leave the impact zone! every show looks the same jay leathal is the best thing they got but its never gonna change. . . . . get over it and to add hogan pluging tna every week is cringe worthy! they need to act big instead of thinkin big. . . . fact!

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