Shane McMahon Gets a New Job in China

– China Broadband Inc. announced today that Shane McMahon has been appointed as their Chief Executive Officer. The company is a provider of cable broadband services in the Shandong Province of China.

China Broadband’s President Marc Urbach had the following to say about McMahon:

“Mr. McMahon has been appointed Chief Executive Officer and we are honored to have one of the most seasoned veterans of PPV and premium sports entertainment in the world join the China Broadband team. His highly skilled background in marketing and promotion will be instrumental in moving us forward. In addition we look forward to working with some of the most prestigious and established media companies in China to advance the development of a sophisticated content platform. With the acquisition of Sinotop, our goal is to become the leading provider of VOD and PPV services in China.”




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  • Kryptonite

    It.s odd that Shane is not with the WWE. What is he planning to do?

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