Reason Why TNA Has Suspended Samoa Joe and More

– TNA Wrestling has reportedly suspended Samoa Joe due to an incident that took place at the July 13 television taping.

Following the former World Heavyweight Champion’s match with Jeff Hardy, he reportedly yelled at TNA production members because he felt the finish was telegraphed due to ring announcer Jeremy Borash counting down its conclusion. Company brass instructed Borash to make the announcement, going against Joe’s request. He entered the production truck while the broadcast was ongoing to complain, which is considered a breach of etiquette. A decision was made to suspend him due to his conduct.

The suspension is reportedly for one month. He was not at last week’s iMPACT television tapings in Orlando. He is also not listed for any upcoming live events.

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  • TombstoneCharlie

    I think its time for Joe to cut ties with TNA and join the big time in the good ol WWE. Maybe he can be a “rookie” and join NXT with a cool name like Joe Smith, all the while, being teamed with the Miz and garnering praise from the pros and fans, only to piss McMahon off by sneezing too loud or spitting on Santino Marella resulting in his release and a triumphant return to the indy circuit and ROH….um can you tell I’m still bitter about Danielson??

  • j

    No Really?? Wouldnt have guessed that…

    What you said has alot of truths to it.. WWE n McMahon have become so predictable. Everyone knows it will happen before it actually does..

  • paul g

    tna=retarded ways of running the company

  • King

    @paul g that did not make sense and WWE=wack wrestling entertainment and the person who sent the first comment is out of there thinking that Samoa Joe would go to WWE that’s just like Randy Orton going TNA.

  • LH

    maybe there was a hint of sarcasm with that first comment.. He did say he was bitter about something…

  • Kryptonite

    WWE may of found a superstar with a Somoa Joe style in Husky Harris on NXT. That dude is pretty impressive.

  • DigitalVirus82

    TNA is a sinking boad full of…. (that I´d leave to all of you)

  • jjb420

    Could the decisions made by TNA get any dumber?
    Joe was right as TNA brass no’s shite about Wrestling and has no regard for it’s talent.Joe has been misused/abused for the last year and should leave WWE is the WRONG place for him to go,his considerable talent would be appreciated and properly utilized in both ROH and Japan.And for Wrestling fans and Joe that would be best for all.

  • Kryptonite

    Japan or roh would be terrible. He needs to be on national television.

  • jjb420

    He would be on national tv…….in Japan.
    The U.S is not the world just a very small corner,he would get more exposure reach more people and make a lot more money and increase his earning potential and bargaining power if he decided to come back to your small corner of the world.

  • PowerUp 5000

    Since Hogan/Bischoff has got there the TNA originals TV time has declined the X division which was a high flying showcase.which made me watch TNA is a joke now.Dixie Carter and the TNA bookers suck !! And its sad because WWE isn’t really that great, right now with the PG rating and Predictable soft storylines…..TNA is getting wrost and wrost I’m sorry but Hell when TNA falls…Blame it on the Vince Russo ..Dixie Carter..Jeff Jarrett..and Hogan….RIP TNA

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