Latest Talk on the Kane vs. Undertaker Feud, RAW News and More

– The SmackDown taping for November 23rd will be held in Jacksonville, Florida at the Veterans Memorial Arena. Tickets go on sale September 18th.

– Devin sent the following: The Smackdown taping on October 26th, 2010 will be held at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Tickets go on sale August 28th, 2010.

– WWE creative has been working on a big SummerSlam angle for this coming Monday’s RAW, which is headlined by Edge and Chris Jericho vs. Bret Hart and John Cena.

– There is talk of having Undertaker vs. Kane for the Night of Champions pay-per-view and then a rematch at October’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, inside the Cell. The Undertaker is currently booked for an angle at SummerSlam.

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