Tommy Dreamer Speaks On Paul Heyman Being a Part of Hardcore Justice


Tommy Dreamer stated during an appear on “Busted Open” radio that he has spoken with Paul Heyman about having a role in the upcoming ECW-themed TNA Hardcore Justice PPV this Sunday in Orlando. Dreamer stated Heyman just wants to do this ow thing at the moment, but hoped he would still be there. Dreamer also expressed his wishes that Joey Styles and Rey Mysterio could be a part of the show, but couldn’t because of their contracts with WWE.

Dreamer said, “If Paul wants to be there, Paul will be there. And if Paul’s not going to be there, it’s not on Paul. That’s cool. Yes, I have spoken to him. I have expressed that I wished he was there. He’s doing his deal. I hope he shows up. You never what mysteries and surprises we will have in store. Trust me, I have a few already.”