Samoa Joe Suspended by TNA

– Samoa Joe has reportedly been suspended indefinitely by TNA. Apparently the reason for Joe’s suspension is a bad attitude. There is also at least some heat on Joe for his weight not improving.

We hope to have more details later.

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Source: PWInsider




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  • PowerUp 5000

    Samoa Joe aka FAT JOE ..I digs Joe he is a awesome wrestler, but u gotta get rid of the bad attitude, I’ve noticed Joe hasn’t had a title run for some time..Joe just lose some weight, Even Vince McMahnon has said that. Joe’s weight would be a problem in marketing him

  • j

    Joe is a great athlete but he obviously does have that attitude issue.. As for the weight issue, he not the most well toned athlete weve ever seen in wrestling, but if you look abck to the early era, most of them look like slobs too..
    Joes fat… But who cares because he is still quite agile and can pull off move just as good as those done by the x division…

  • paul g

    tna are morons joes gota bad attitude is cus tna treatn em like shit joe is very under rated

  • S.E.S HiTlER

    samoa joe is underated? no hes a fat piece of shit who is probly pissed bc hes not gettin a push, idc how “agile” you claim he is, hes a loser “j” just like you, what are you high rite now? why else would you think such a dillusionistic thing…

  • LH

    S.E.S HiTlER – ‘j’ isnt as dillusional as the crap your spewing out..
    Hes pointing out that Joe is actually talented for a fat man..

  • S.E.S HiTlER

    nope way back in a little wreslting promotion, a the only straight-edge world champion in history aka our saviour CM punk, used to wipe the floor with samoa joes fat ass. talented? haha

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