Randy Orton Upset With The Miz Over RAW Segment

Credit: ProWrestling.net

Randy Orton was visibly upset following his segment with The Miz on the July 26th RAW. Orton felt the way Miz was positioned gave away that he would be getting hit with an RKO to end the match.

A similar event occurred several months ago when Orton got upset with Kofi Kingston being out of position during a match and yelled out “stupid!” at Kingston on live TV.




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  • ncfna

    orton is awesome. it’s good that he gets upset over things like that because it pushes for a better perfomance.

  • Ryan

    This is why I hate Randy Orton. All he does is bitch backstage until he gets his way. He did the same thing with Mr. Kennedy and Kofi Kingston. The next thing you know he’ll be losing his match with his money in the bank match because Randy doesn’t like him.

  • PowerUp 5000

    Hell MIZ can’t wrestle anyway..Ship MIZ back 2 Smackdown…..U see what happend to Kofi Kingston after the Imfamous “STUPID” rant..he was shipped 2 Friday nights (smackdown)

  • joemoefoe

    kofi is a beast and rko got him sent to smackdown bc if rko dont like somethin he whines about it, thus kofi’s push got shit canned, but maybe, just maybe thatl mean the dsam for miz?

  • Tommy McBroome

    i seem to be one of the few who is a big fan of the MIZ. Hopefully they can get beyond this mistake, as the rest of the match could have main evented any PPV

  • S.E.S HiTlER

    no tommy mcdumbass, just no. miz is mediocre at best randy make the match the best he could but dickhead miz held the match back, cm punk is way better than miz, he is the saviour, you must be in such a deep state of inebriation to think that the miz is good. and HELL YEAH power-up5000 you tell em!

  • Susette

    yea it did give it away because i was able to call that RKO just before it happened. the camera angle also gave it away. wenever you cant see Orton, you know its coming, like wen he hit that badass RKO on Evan Bourne, he was out of the camera. i mean, i like Miz and all but he really isnt talented enough to be against Orton. Randy is the best WWE has and Miz is just lucky he got a push for no reason. i say, send Miz back to being a midcarder. he doesnt deserve to be against the big guys like Orton, Cena (even though i hate him), Edge, Jericho and Sheamus (another guy who didnt deserve the HUGE push he got).

  • Lou

    Keep ignoring the Miz people. He will be WWE Champ within the year. 4 or 5 years ago I wouldn’t even watch the Miz with his hoorah crap and goofy stuff on Smackdown. The guy gets better and better every time I see him now. I’m really starting to think John Morrison is the Janetty on that team.

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