Chris Jericho Comments On TNA: “TNA Is Crap”

Chris Jericho was one of the special guests on this week’s live edition of Monday Night Mayhem. Here is a highlight from the interview.

When asked about TNA, Chris Jericho responded, “They got nothing else going on, their booking is horrendous, and I say that with the utmost respect for those guys and I most desire to see them succeed, but it’s crap. You know it’s crap, they throw stuff up against the wall, and it’s so hard to watch when it doesn’t have to be. They’re doing 10,000 buys on Pay-Per-View, so let’s bring back The Sandman & Sabu, and maybe they could do 30,000 buys. Go for it; maybe they can do something out of it. Having a guy like Tommy Dreamer involved behind the scenes might be what they need. Get rid of the same old stuff that they have been doing over & over, and bring in someone with a new perspective, and maybe that will help them get their heads out of there asses and just making some money instead of doing this as sort of a vanity project that’s been treading water for the last four years.”




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  • Ryan

    He didn’t say TNA was crap, he said the booking is crap and that’s hard to argue.

  • PowerUp 5000

    I agree 10o% I’ve said that for along time TNA booking is like DogCrap..which ain’t nothing but SHIT…TNA has so much talent and can really do bigger things. Even wrestlers in the WWE want TNA 2 succeed but the booking is pathetic….Come on TNA u need a CHANGE ..Hogan,Bischof, and ECW is not it …Bring back the X divsion where they were high flying. Work with ur Orignals except (MotorCityGuns) on there Mic Skills or end losing ur talent 2 WWE

  • Tommy McBroome

    i agree completely with Power. TNA has equal, if not better talent than WWE. But they arent doing a damn thing with it. If vince had samoa joe or aj style, they would be main even stars. TNA has turned them into a jobber and a member of the wanna be 4 horsemen. Hopefully after they get over this stupid ECW crap (should tell you everything u need to know when heyman isnt even interested in being a part of it), dreamer can work on using the talent to atleast make TNA an alternative to WWE like they were a few years ago

  • Andrew

    I agree100 percent with Jericho. Although it is weird (timing wise) for him to say that TNA’s booking sucks when like a month ago he and Edge had this “we hate each other this rivalry needs to end” type thing then fastfoward to this past week them agreeing with each other and acting like nothing happened but other than that, yeah I agree with Jericho

  • Tony Whiting

    Ah Jericho needs to find new matertial! He babbles and babbles Blah Blah Blah That Jon Bon Jovi Look alike should look at himself and realize he needs to come up with a new frontline or just get out of Wrestling!! His band is crap so it comes a Karma Chris is Crap!! PERIOD…

  • paul g

    couldnt agree more !

  • S.E.S HiTlER

    it really doesnt matter what tna tries to do bc wwe has the straight-edge society and of course, CM Punk, i agree with y2j that tna is ALL AROUND crap (its infered dumbass)

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