Rumor On WWE Getting New Logo (Including Picture)

A member of WWE Universe posted earlier today on the forum that the WWE would be getting a new logo. The fan claimed that he knew this because of a friend of his works in production with WWE.

To help “prove” his story, he posted photos of himself with numerous WWE wrestlers backstage at WWE events. The post was then removed from the WWE Universe site. Here is the logo that the fan posted, which is most likely a fake. What do you think though? We would love to hear your thoughts.

New WWE Logo



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  • TombstoneCharlie

    Old school flavor with a modern edge. Nice, if real!!

  • getadam


  • Greenlandic82Fan

    It looks great. Maybe just needs a little more details.
    I wouldn´t mind if it becomes this.

  • daniel

    im a graphic designer and i love this. great way to get away from the attitude era since they are obviously no where close to the attitude era anymore. the wwe really needs to revamp their raw and smackdown stage set ups as well

  • John

    I hope this is indeed true. I’d love for WWE to adopt a logo that’s a throwback to the old WWF logo.

  • PowerUp 5000

    Reminds of the “Old logo” if they tweak if some more I think it will look great

  • C Shane Fo Sho

    Nah, there is no way that WWE would use that as their logo.

  • C Shane Fo Sho

    Maybe if they took the “E” off of the logo, it would look better, but with it on, it looks like crap.

  • lance short

    i dont think that new wwe logo is very good,,,,there’s an old saying if the wheels not broken dont try 2 fix it

    let it be.

  • D

    that looks strangely familiar,like its a logo for a television network….

  • D

    ha i knew it!that is the logo for the womens entertainment channel!!LOL there are so many ppl in this world who need to get laid!LOL what a loser the guy who posted this is!

  • Marvin Jones

    i’m with lance short i don’t like it that much

  • j

    looks like a fake..
    But if it were to change, Keep the old school ‘Ws’ look but i drop the ‘E’ half of it.. Makes it look bodged up..
    If they really wanted to emphysis the whole product name then just include the entire company name underneath the ‘W’ part..
    But to a point, if it aint broke, it dont need fixing..

  • bill

    its terrible and they should never even consider that!!!

  • Jackson

    FAKE & GAY!!!!!!

  • Victor

    …that there is an ugly baby…logo…whatever.

  • joemoefoe

    that logo is cool

  • Grandmaster Sexay Jr

    The logo looks kinda gay. Keep the one they have.

  • Thomas

    its a good logo but i think the wwe creative can work with it to mke it even better look at what they do with ppv’s every year they revamp the logos for the names and they do it alot with Wrestlemania, Royal Rumble, Summerslam mostly and even Survivor series

  • A.J.

    OMG…worst logo ive ever seen..i mean cmon we live in 2010 not 1990 thats lame and stupid

  • styles

    thomas you make no sense

  • joemoefoe

    yeah its classic sorta, they can like fine tune it but yeah i got you thomas and “styles” your an idiot lol

  • steef

    hate it… sorry

  • Chandrasekhar Muhury

    This logo looks listless, stale & is definately not goin’ to inspire a potential WWE fan. The present logo is far better & looks damn good.


    no way its to gey i mean its original but it looks like the wwf quen it began

  • Axel

    WWE has changed so many things, i think they shld keep the current logo for a very long time considering its so well known

  • George

    Old school style.i think its not cool enough(if real).it could be better

  • ecw original

    gey totally gey i think that they should keep the original

  • deadsquad

    Looks a lot like the old World Wrestling Federation “WWF” logo of the 80’s and very early 90’s before they changed World Wrestling Entertainment “WWE”.

  • varun

    it is damn fake cheap publicity stunt

  • Hotdog

    I think it suits the WWE…. Old, outdated, same ol’ crap from the past -revamped- to boost ratings.

    Heck, they can’t call Hogan in for ratings anymore, got to do something “new”.

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