McIntyre: Sheamus vs. McIntyre To Be Better Than Undertaker vs. HBK

Here is an excerpt from Drew McIntyre’s interview with SLAM! Wrestling:

One of his frequent opponents in the UK was Sheamus:

“There’s always been friendly competition between myself and Sheamus. We’re very good friends because we know how to get each other up,” McIntyre said. “We used to battle all over Europe and the world, in America as well. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the best match either of us has ever had.”

Sheamus and McIntyre were in the WWE developmental system at the same time, and McIntyre sees big things for them both — perhaps a WrestleMania main event against each other even.

“We’re both planning to take over our respective brands, which is happening quite nicely,” he said. “Then when the time comes, the world’s going to see a match better than the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels: me and Sheamus, both as heavyweight champions. It’s going to be THE greatest match of all time, guaranteed.”




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  • Greenlandic82Fan

    I hope McIntyre´s not just playing fire with fire.
    But to me, it´s almost impossible to wrestle better than HBK vs TAKER.
    But anyway… Good luck, chosing one.

  • PowerUp 5000

    McIntrye dosent deserve to smell the FART of hbk or Taker let alone compare Wrestling…Sheamus may be a Human Jar of Mayo (Pale skin) but the guy can Wrestle ..McIntrye on the other hand is not that good ..The jury is still out ..I hope McIntyre don’t think he is the next HBK ..That’s a HELL NO …The most athletic guy that reminds me of HBK (not saying he is in anyway) is John Morrison

  • lawrence

    If anyone is the next hbk its john Morrison

  • King

    John Morrison is a cross or mixture between HBK and Bret Hart.

  • joemoefoe

    i think we all remember when john morrison nd miz faced dx and morison did sweet chin music to hbk,,classic. i gotta agree

  • hdkpr21

    i really dnt think Drew n Sheamus are even klose to d level of HBK n Taker. I think that Drew is akting lik a kid kause he is dreaming. just my op.

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