Flair Not Interested in Hardcore Justice Match, Hardy vs. Angle Update

– As noted before, TNA is advertising a “first time ever on pay-per-view” match between Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy for their No Surrender pay-per-view in September. Kyle sent word that Angle and Hardy’s first meeting was on the June 18th, 2001 episode of WWF RAW from Tampa in a King of the Ring tournament match. Angle defeated the then Light Heavyweight Champion Hardy with his Ankle Lock.

– TNA wanted to do a Ric Flair vs. Shane Douglas match for the Hardcore Justice pay-per-view to play off a beef the two had years ago. Flair reportedly didn’t want to do the match. Douglas recently told Fanhouse writer Brian Fritz that he turned down TNA’s offer for the pay-per-view.

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Partial source: F4Wonline.com




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  • Lou

    That match like most of the matches on the next TNA PPV was or would have been good 10-15 years ago. Why does that company not get it?

  • AK Swift

    This is a damn shame! TNA allowed Shane to not only produce Hardcore Homecoming back in 2005 when he was under contract. But also allowed a few ECW talents that they had under contract as well to participate. Now it is 5 years later. TNA wants to take a shot with it, and Shane doesn’t want any part what so ever? Talk about some complete and unadulterated B.S. right there.

  • PowerUp 5000

    Flair Vs Douglas at this point of there Career would be a wack and boring match ..TNA please leave this ECW angle alone..Now the Angle V Hardy match is one id like to see

  • King

    look PowerUp 5000 stop being a bitch about it you would not be complaining about if WWE did a one night only event where they dedicate to the Attitude era cause you are a WWE mark and Lou flair can still wrestle at 61 and so can Shane and why does WWE allow Jerry Lawler to wrestle he is also in his 60’s instead of having kozlov in that 7 on 7 match on raw? answer that.

  • j

    What was Shane Douglas’ bitch with Flair for anyways.. Its been going on since as long as i can remember but i never fully understood what the hell it was all over…
    For the idea i hated the idea of Flair v Douglas at Hard Justice and im glad it wont happen now…
    If Flair was going for a match against any of the ECW originals, then let it be with Terry Funk… Flair V Funk, chuck them in a ring, no rules and just let’em beat the shit out of each other…

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