WWE Stars Absent from Tour Show, Goldberg Visits the Marines, More

– WWE will be returning to Orlando, Florida on November 22nd for Monday Night RAW, the night after the Survivor Series pay-per-view.

– Evan Bourne will be appearing at the Henry Gonzalez Convention Center on Tuesday, August 31st from 6-9pm in San Antonio, Texas.

– Bill Goldberg was in Cherry Point, North Carolina on Friday to visit Marines and their families during a Ford Drive One entertainment event.

– CM Punk and Michelle McCool were absent from the SmackDown event on Saturday in Sydney, Australia. The Undertaker also wasn’t there but that was expected because of his injury.

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  • j

    Regarding the Australian Smackdown Tour..
    Undertaker was never scheduled to attend anyway.. To my knowledge, CM Punk was scheduled to face Big Show but obviously the injury, however i thought he was still scheduled to appear.. Michelle McCool was also scheduled to appear so not sure why she wasnt..
    If anyone has or can get results from any of the shows, particularly Brisbane, please help me out and pass them on…

  • Jackson

    Taker was scheduled a few months ago, they only cut him after his injury and for the results for the australian tour go to wrestling.net.au (no im not trying to promote them, the site is fair shit anyway and doesn’t have anything exciting)

  • Brahm

    Wouldve been good to see cm punk, but the s.e.s. did good pushing the heel status against the hart dynasty

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