Dixie Carter Addresses a Hulk Hogan Rumor

TNA president Dixie Carter posted the following note on her Twitter page yesterday regarding Hulk Hogan:

“HULK HOGAN IS ALIVE AND WELL. He did not drown. Not sure how these rumors get started. Awful.”

Apparently someone made up a rumor on Twitter that Hogan died yesterday.




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    It just goes to show how far people will go to get attention.and to me thats just plain sad.

  • Dave

    Hogan actually died in 1998.

  • PowerUp 5000

    Awful …Nasty Rumors….Hogan is chilling till his contract is up in October

  • j

    One has wonder what some people have going through their heads in order to come up with aweful, nasty, wrongful and just plain stupid crap like the Hogan rumors..

  • KYR

    Just ask Dave.

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