WWE Pushing For The Ultimate Warrior’s Hall of Fame Induction

Despite The Ultimate Warrior truning down WWE last year, WWE is pushing for The Ultimate Warrior to accept their invitation to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. This year’s Hall of Hame will taking place in Atlanta, GA.

The Fabulous Freebirds and Arn Anderson are names being mentioned for possible induction, but they aren’t expected to be the “main event” attraction of the Hall of Fame.




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  • Tommy McBroome

    how can the ultimate warrior be considered a bigger name that Arn Anderson or the “Birds” What the hell is vince thinking?

  • paul g

    hey tommy where is the tna report? i onlx caught the first 40min do you know anything

  • Jon

    Randy Savage? Maybe I missed it-and I haven’t followed WWE as religious as I did back in the “Attitude” era-but is there a rift between him and Vince which is why he’s still not in the WWE HoF?

  • j

    Id stop bothering with a Warrior HOF induction..
    Concentrate on a person who isnt quite as dillusional in themself…

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