JR Blog: Team Cena vs. Nexus, John Morrison’s Beard, FCW, More

Jim Ross posted a new blog entry today. Here are the highlights:

On Last Night’s RAW: Enjoyed Raw Monday night by and large. I do know this….if John Cena’s team doesn’t put their own personal agendas behind them then the Raw 7 has NO chance against The Nexus at Summer Slam. That point was made abundantly clear over the two hour broadcast from San Antonio. No unity=no win for Raw. “No win for you” ala Seinfeld’s ‘Soup Nazi.’ Got it? Good. 🙂

On His Recent Trip To FCW: It’s back to Tampa for me this weekend to observe the FCW try out camp that likely will have over 50 individuals taking part in the process. Now seems to be a timely opportunity to get noticed and perhaps signing with WWE and assigned to FCW which needs more viable athletes and quality numbers in general.

On The UFC’s Bruce Buffer: There are so many things about UFC that I enjoy but here’s one that my wife still talks about. The emanations of UFC ring announcer Bruce Buffer, once described as Howard Finkel in really nice clothes, in his pre-show ritual at ringside has to be seen to be believed. It is highly entertaining and I hope that you get the opportunity to enjoy this ‘moment’ at a live UFC PPV yourself. Buffer is an excellent ring announcer who adds his own brand of unique sizzle to the presentation.

On John Morrison’s Beard: I Tweeted @JRsBBQ that I liked John Morrison’s new beard and that I thought it made him look a little more rugged. Morrison is a gifted athlete who has ‘something’ that physically reminds me of a young HBK. One can only hope that Morrison can begin to approach the success that Shawn Michaels earned but that’s some king sized expectations. Nonetheless I think that Morrison can be a major player within WWE once his complete game comes together which simply takes time.




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  • Eliza

    I think his beard is fine too, as long as it`s kept trim and not long. Why did he grow it? Was it because The Rock asked him how we could make John look more manly when he was shooting for the muscle magazine? He looks manly with all his delicious muscles anyway, although he is pretty handsome. I just wanted to say I loved seeing him in the Elimination Chamber where he used that Kong Vault! It was fantastic! I`ve never seen anyone do that before except in films…. outstanding !
    love Eliza

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