Ring Rust Review: Rebirth…Again

TNA’s next PPV event titled Hardcore Justice and will spotlight stars of the old non-WWE version of ECW. The main reasoning behind this revival is to give the original ECW a proper send off, again.  The story is well known; in 2005 the WWE presented ‘One Night Stand’ showcasing the ECW originals in one final battle. The popularity of this event spawned the rebirth of the ECW brand under the WWE banner. The program was going well at first in the “land of extreme” until the WWE started to release the former hardcore legends and replace the format of the program to be more in line with the rest of the WWE product.  The outcry began and by the time ECW v.2 ended its run it did not resemble any part of the original product.

Vince became public enemy #1 among the hardcore fandom. Vince had no choice but to change the hardcore format, first a change was coming for WWE programming in general as the push toward a PG rating was just around the corner which meant a big change for the term “extreme rules. ECW had a very loyal fan following, the only problem was that there were not enough fans of the concept after the initial charm wore off.  Vince knew this and also knew that his style of wrestling works. In other words Hardcore is good in small spurts, every once in a while.  Those who wrestled in the original ECW had a passion; they did not do it for the big, which may be good for the product but bad for business as the original ECW members discovered

TNA is sacrificing one of its PPV’s  to bring us some hardcore ECW action just one last time, and I think it will do very well assuming most of the originals can still go, unfortunately some have passed on and others have faded into obscurity therefore Hardcore Justice will be missing something.

The last column may have given the impression that I do not approve of this storyline, on the contrary TNA is doing a nice thing as long as they keep it to this one special PPV and don’t press their luck. Too much of a good thing is not always the best and I do not want them to waste extra air time and talent on a concept that died out years ago. ECW was a product of its time, lead by a genius booker but its time has gone, remember it, enjoy it, and let it go. Until next time let’s watch.