Linda Hogan Engaged To 21-Year Old Boyfriend

Linda Hogan and CharlieHulk Hogan’s ex-wife Linda Hogan is engaged to her 21-year old boyfriend, Charlie Hill.

Brooke Hogan’s step father is actually one year younger than her. Charlie was also good friends with Nick before he started dating his mom. The couple has been together since Charlie was 19 and Linda just turned 50.

Linda and Charlie plan on marrying next year aboard Linda’s new yacht, aptly named “Alimony.”

Hulk, who is also currently engaged, has not yet commented on their engagement.




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  • j

    it looks like Nick Bollea with a long haired wig on…
    This woman clearly has some deep issues going on…
    Either that or its a mid-life crisis gone bad…

  • Kryptonite

    Hey guys can be gold diggers too. I bet he keeps lots of alcohol around.

  • Just Curious

    Do you think he really *B0INKS* her? OH G0D – I hope not!

  • Rod

    This whore is not worth the time it took to put together this article. Just Saying…

  • Roger Thomas

    Throwing a hot dog down a hallway kid. Not only is she 50, but Hulk banged her for 30 years.

  • Blubberbutt

    They sure look mighty happy. Great sex will do it. I had several years younger boyfriends and loved every single minute of it. Marriage material? Perhaps not.

  • blah

    Does the alimony stop once she gets married, that is typically what happens. If so, I wonder how dumb boy will support her.

  • Lisa

    Obviously she hasn’t thought of her children and how this will impact them. Sure, you have to live your own life too, I agree, but how on earth can you date someone almost 30-years younger, the same age as your kids and was friends with them and feel good about yourself?! I wouldn’t blame her kids if they wanted nothing to do with her. Obviously she isn’t looking for a meaningful relationship and he is just enjoying the lifestyle she can provide him. Oh wait a minute, she has a yacht named Alimony, the life the HULK can provide them. I give it a few years before he walks away and makes out. Kudos for him!

  • Terry

    This woman has to be so hard-up for sex she is willing to pay for it…and he is after nothing but getting his name in print and her $$$$$…the whole thing is sad. She is a over the hill worn out wrinkled woman with alot of plastic surgery, what a site she must be with no clothes on and washes all the crap off her face. She should be ashamed…almost borders on incest.

  • Foxxy7684

    Unfortunately it is only a matter of time before they divorce and you find out he is cheating on her with someone closer to his own age sad but true. Hope they are happy while it lasts. Good luck to them both.

  • greeneyes

    I think being w/Hulk & him banging her for the 30 yrs is probably WHY this guy is marring her. I think we all deserve to be happy but is this really happiness or just revenge to piss HULK off once again? Well I can only say time will tell.

  • Cat

    Wow what an embarrassement to her children

  • ZenInCalifornia

    I met them in person! She is very pretty and actually physically well toned. She had on shorts and a tank and looked Fabulous! She was with the boyfriend, Brooke and a couple of friends…they had a great time laughing, talking, dancing, kissing and just being friendly people! They took pictures with anyone who asked and Linda has the Energy, Spirit and Personality of a Varsity Cheerleader! Her and her man were very affectionate in a very natural way and looked AWESOME together!! The boyfriend is actually really tall and buff! Hey, they looked Beautiful and Sweet! Rock on Linda..Rock On!!

  • Hulk

    I would…

  • tazgirl

    she needs to think in her kids first i bet it just matter of time that he try to pull up something with brooke since she is near his age, it would be an embarrestment for her to found out that your guy are cheating on you with someone younger

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