Update On TNA’s Negotiations With Paul Heyman

Credit: F4WOnline.com

In a recent meeting with TNA President Dixie Carter, Paul Heyman stated that he didn’t believe in drastic changes, but the direction TNA should go in should focus on pushing new talent as the key stars while using the veterans to give them credibility.

Believe it or not, but Paul Heyman did not support the idea of an ECW invasion when it was brought up, yet Carter went ahead with the angle anyway. Dixie ended up handing over the reigns to the angle to Tommy Dreamer rather than using Paul Heyman to book the ECW angle.

While the Heyman deal could be a long shot, it’s not dead yet. TNA thinks Heyman is using negotiating tactics and the parties are still hopeful a deal can be reached.




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  • troy williams

    Paul just fucking sign already.

  • PowerUp 5000

    Heyman has the right ideas ..Push and build your Young talent. TNA has went from that since Hogan stepped on the scence…I remember the X divsion being the jewel of TNA ..now its a joke …Even Vince took a page from TNA and is trying his hand at young talent pushing ..TNA go back 2 ur young talent and TNA orignals ….Hogan and Bischoff will be a memory and letting them go will save TNA

  • NightWolf76

    Well it’s obvious they already have some one that going to run the company and it’s Shane he is the secret Dixie keeping the clamps,mark my word he will take over TNA that’s the person who is controlling Abyss and is part of them he keeps talking about,Jeff Jarret says he had a big surprise coming from New York and last I hard that is where he move after leaving the WWE,and is now running an MMA promotion along with Marc Cuban.

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