Tons of Backstage News and Notes on TNA’s Hardcore Justice PPV

— The idea to make TNA Hard Justice an ECW-themed pay-per-view event came up during this past Monday’s TNA iMPACT! tapings. Tommy Dreamer came up with the idea, which Dixie Carter approved and Tommy Dreamer is the one who will be booking the show.

— As reported earlier, TNA Hard Justice is now being called “Hardcore Justice: One Last Stand.

— Terry Taylor is working on the financial side of things, while Tommy Dreamer is reaching out to former ECW talent.

— Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn is already booked. TNA is expected to announce two or three more matches and there’s talk that the rest may be a surprise.

–The ECW-themed PPV is said to not be the surprise that Dixie Carter has been talking about.

— Paul Heyman had nothing to do with this show and has not been involved in any way at the time being.

— Response from some of the former ECW wrestlers varied. Some wrestlers were really excited about it, while others acted like it was “just another show.”

— Some are extremely thankful to be able to work the event, while others are holding out for more money to appear on the show. One wrestler in particular, who is unknown at the time, is holding out unless TNA gives a multi-year contract.

— Two stars who will not be appearing are Super Crazy and Tajiri, who will be in Japan at that time.

— TNA is essentially trying to copy WWE’s One Night Stand concept. There are currently no plans to continue the ECW-themed PPVs after this event. TNA is trying to book whoever they can for this event and that even includes the referees and managers to make it as much like ECW as possible.

— Shane Douglas has also been contacted, but has not agreed to appear as of yet. Douglas has been pushing the idea of facing Ric Flair since Douglas always called himself a Hall of Famer in ECW.