Spoiler: New Title Match for WWE’s SummerSlam PPV

– Rey Mysterio will defeat Jack Swagger in a 2 out of 3 falls match on this week’s Friday Night SmackDown to earn a World Heavyweight Title shot against Kane at SummerSlam.

Here’s what the SummerSlam card looks like now coming out of this week’s tapings:

WWE Title Match
Randy Orton vs. Sheamus

World Heavyweight Title Match
Rey Mysterio vs. Kane

RAW vs. Nexus
John Cena, Bret Hart, Edge, Chris Jericho, R-Truth, The Great Khali and John Morrison vs. Wade Barrett, Skip Sheffield, Michael Tarver, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, Darren Young and David Otunga

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  • Tommy McBroome

    The Cena gang v Nexus will be in a cage

  • Jackson

    Why book Khali who has had nothing to do with Nexus over Bourne who they beat up last week and the obvious that Bourne can actually work.

  • shane

    They built up the Spirit Squad big time, they got destroyed and we never saw them again (tho this was good) Hopefully the same thing doesnt happens with Nexus, best thing to happen to WWE in years

  • eric

    u idiot they book khali so they can use evan bourne in a singles match to fill the rest of the card out it was a good move now it can be bourne vs miz for us title

  • PowerUp 5000

    Orton V Sheamus the only match worth watching…NXT v Cena is trash

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