Future of the MITB Match at WrestleMania, Kane’s Title Win Makes History

— The fate of the Money in the Bank ladder match at Wrestlemania will be determined by how well the PPV draws. If the show scores a high buy rate, then the Money in the Bank pay-per-view will be here to stay and the Money in the Bank match at WrestleMania will most likely be scrapped from the WrestleMania card next year.

— After his World Heavyweight Championship win last night at Money in the Bank, Kane has become the first individual to the win the WWE Championship, the World Heavyweight Championship and the defunct ECW World Heavyweight Championship within WWE. Just to note, The Big Show has also held all three belts, but his World Heavyweight Championship victory took place in WCW.




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    Aw Great! Just F**kin Great! Scrap One Of The Most Highly anticipated and exciting matches Of Greatess and Grandest Show Of The Year ! Bravo ! I M Being Sarcastic! Dat is a Horrible Idea! I Hope This a Gag Ok? Please tell me ur jokin! Cause if ur serious ur makin a Huge mistake! ,and I m Pretty Sure I m not the only one that thinks This !!!!!

  • Natalie Vaughn

    I disagree he deserves it and also he earn the right to cashed it in and he became the first-ever to win the World Heavyweight Champion. I was shocked what happened last night. That Kane won the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Look at Jack Swagger he also cashed it in and become the World Heavyweight Champion from former champion Chris Jericho. I hope his future will continue to shine and keeping his title and nobody could ever beat the big red monster Kane.
    Kane good luck to find the attacker.

  • j

    I think MITB can and obviously has stood on its own as a solo PPV event.. Well atleast the event has people talking bout it..
    As for taking it off Wrestlemania. Then creative had better get off their arses and come up with a new concept match to fill the void..
    Wrestlemania will be missing something otherwise..

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