Backstage Heat on A New WWE Star

– WWE newcomer Alberto Del Rio has already developed a negative reputation among those in the locker room. He has complained to fellow wrestlers about the company’s decision to remove the mask he famously wore for a number of years in Mexico.

Many in the locker room feel he should be thrilled with the push WWE officials have given him thus far rather than complaining about issues with creative.



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    When is He Going to compete in a live debut match on Smackdown? Gettin Sick of The Videos Mr Del Rio .Shut Up and Fight SomeOne Already!

  • Cerebral One


  • j

    Is this the same person in all those Rich, pompous arsehole vignettes on SD.. Maybe hes rubbish in ring so they keep pushing back his debut..
    Either put him on tv.. Or Future Envdevour him..

  • PowerUp 5000

    I just about 2 say Who, until I was Informed this is the MexicanWrestler on SD that claims he is rich etc..I hope he is worth all the Hype and TV time WWe

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