WWE SmackDown Report – 7/16/2010

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Report – July 16th, 2010
Report by Richard Trionfo, PWInsider

We start off tonight’s show with a look at last week’s show when Big Show demanded a rematch against Jack Swagger and Kane’s post match attack on Jack Swagger where he demanded for Swagger to admit to the attack on the Undertaker. Swagger asked for a week to produce his alibi.

We are live on tape from Louisville, Kentucky and your announcers are Matt ‘Doctor Dunkenstein’ Striker and Todd ‘Bluegrass’ Grisham.

As Kofi Kingston comes to the ring
, Matt and Todd talk about the attack on Kofi Kingston after the battle royal on NXT.

Match Number One: Kofi Kingston versus ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes

Cody works on the arm with a hammer lock but Kofi with a reversal into a side head lock and take down. Rhodes with a head scissors and Kofi escapes the hold. They lock up and Kofi backs Cody into the corner and there is a clean break. Rhodes with a side head lock but Kofi with forearms to the ribs but Rhodes with a shoulder tackle. Kofi tries for a leaping butt bump as Cody comes off the ropes but Rhodes holds on to the ropes and Rhodes gets a near fall with a rollup. Rhodes with a forearm and then he sends Kofi into the turnbuckles. Rhodes and Kofi with kicks in the corner but Rhodes with the definite advantage. Kofi with an Irish whip and he punches Cody in the corner. Kofi rolls off and then he hits a European uppercut. Cody sends Kofi into the turnbuckles and then he drops Kofi on the top rope and then Cody sends Kofi to the floor with a knee lift as we go to commercial.

We are back and Rhodes has Kingston in an abdominal stretch. Kofi escapes the hold and punches Rhodes but Rhodes continues with the advantage after a side Russian leg sweep followed by a rolling knee drop. Rhodes with a punch to Kingston’s head and Kofi fights back but Cody returns to the abdominal stretch and he uses a claw on the abdomen to add extra pressure. Kofi tries for a hip toss to escape but Cody reverses it. Kofi with a head scissors take down to Rhodes as he tries to recover from the attack. Kofi with an elbow and forearm to Rhodes followed by a punch and chops. Kofi with a drop kick but he misses the leaping clothesline. Kofi with a spinebuster and the referee pulls Kofi off after he starts punching Rhodes. Kofi charges into an elbow from Rhodes in the corner. Rhodes goes to the turnbuckles for a bulldog and he gets a near fall. Cody runs into a pendulum kick from Kingston and then they fight on the turnbuckles. Cody tries for a superplex but Kofi knocks Cody off the turnbuckles and Kofi hits a cross body and both men are down.

Kane’s pyro goes off and he makes his way to the ring and Kofi kicks Kane but Kane is able to shake that off and he hits a choke slam on Kofi and then he gives Rhodes a choke slam.

Kane gets on the mic and he says that he has breaking news. There will be a bludgeoning tonight. He knows Jack Swagger and Jack Swagger is a liar. He says that Swagger will pay for his sins and Kane says that he will enjoy extracting his vengeance when he pronounces judgment on the condemned.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Did You Know that WWE is more popular on Facebook than the NFL, NHL, NASCAR, and Major League Baseball?

Matt and Todd turn their attention to the match between Rey Mysterio and Jack Swagger. They talk about Rey’s current medical condition and they talk about the torn ligament in Rey’s ankle. We go to footage from the last few weeks when Swagger put Rey in the ankle lock.

The doctor is talking to Rey about the brace on his ankle to provide his ankle with more support. Rey holds his title belt as Josh Mathews enters. He asks Rey how he is feeling. Rey says he is in an excruciating amount of pain even though the swelling has gone down. Rey says that it hurts when he stands up. Josh asks Rey how is he going to defend his title on Sunday at the pay per view. Rey says that he is not going to defend the title. He says that he has made his decision. He is going to go out and forfeit his title to Jack Swagger. Josh asks Rey if he is serious and Rey tells Josh that he is not serious. Rey says that he is not going to give up his title. Thanks to the support of the doctors and an ankle brace, it will give him the support to stand on his own two feet. It will allow Rey to continue to live his dream as World Champion. Rey speaks in Spanish and then he says that Jack showed him that it was a moment of desperation last week. He says that with the attack on the Undertaker, karma works in mysterious ways.

Jack Swagger is on the phone in his dressing room. He is telling the person he is on the phone with about what Rey Mysterio just said and he says that Rey is just as delusional as Kane. Jack thinks that he hears something. Jack wonders when the person on the phone is going to get there and he is told that they are stuck in traffic. Jack wonders how there could be traffic in Kentucky. He is told that this person will be at the building in thirty minutes. Jack is looking forward to putting this all behind him and moving on to Kansas City to win the World Title. Jack says that it is just like he taught always taught him.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the Money in the Bank video recap from Wrestlemania 21 when Edge won the initial one and then cashed it in at New Year’s Revolution.

Match Number Two: Drew McIntyre versus Christian

They look at the briefcase before Drew kicks Christian and follows that with forearms. He throws Christian to the floor and Drew goes after him. They fight on the apron with Christian connecting with a knee and Drew with a forearm. Christian with a pendulum kick that sends Drew to the floor and then Christian with a cross body onto Drew and both men are down. Christian sends Drew into the ring and Christian goes back up top and he hits a cross body for a near fall. Drew is in the ropes and Christian leaps onto Drew’s back to choke him. Christian goes to the apron but Drew drops Christian on the top rope. Drew gets a near fall. Drew sends Christian into the turnbuckles and then he punches Christian until the referee warns him. Drew with an arm bar and chin lock. Christian punches and slaps Drew and then connects with an elbow in the corner. Christian tries for a tornado DDT but Drew punches Christian and knocks Christian off the turnbuckles and Christian goes to the floor as we go to commercial.

We are back and Drew gets a near fall on Christian. Drew returns to the arm bar and then he punches Christian but Christian punches Drew. Drew runs Christian into the turnbuckles. Christian is put on the turnbuckles and Christian with a knee and then he hits the tornado DDT and he gets a near fall. Christian gets to his feet first and he punches Drew and he tries for a running forearm and Drew catches him. Christian counters and hits an inverted DDT and gets a near fall. Christian goes to the turnbuckles and hits a drop kick but only gets a two count. Drew punches Christian and pushes him into the corner. Christian with a drop toe hold and then Christian goes to the turnbuckles but he comes off and is met with a kick from McIntyre. Drew can only get a near fall on Christian. Drew catapults Christian into the turnbuckles but Christian with an elbow. Christian goes to the turnbuckles again but Drew stops him and Drew tries for a German suplex from the turnbuckles but Christian holds on to the turnbuckles and knocks Drew off. Christian with a sunset flip off the turnbuckles for a near fall. Drew with a neck breaker to the knee for a near fall.

Drew sets for the Future Shock DDT but Christian with a back body drop. Christian goes to the turnbuckles again and hits the corkscrew back elbow. Drew tries for Future Shock, but Christian counters and tries for the Killswitch but Drew gets to the ropes. On the break, Drew connects with a thumb to Christian’s eye and Drew sends Christian into the ropes and then hits the Future Shock DDT for the three count.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

We go to an Alberto Del Rio video package. He is reading a book and he says that he is proudest of his intelligence. It is fostered by his education. He attended the finest universities in Mexico, the United States, and abroad. It is said that knowledge is power. He says that so many have squandered their opportunities at a formal education. Alberto smells some wine and then says that higher education was like a lactating mother and he was a hungry baby consuming as much knowledge as possible. He says that is why he is the product of a superior education.

It is time for another look back at a successful Money in the Bank title cashing in. This time it is from 2009 when CM Punk won for the second time and when he cashed it in against Jeff Hardy at Extreme Rules.

The entire Straight Edge Society is in the ring, including the unknown masked man. Punk still has his arm in a sling and he tells everyone to be quiet. Punk says that everyone knows that he is a superior athlete who has built his reputation by winning back to back Money in the Bank matches. He has also built the foundation for a superior society through straight edge. While everyone is living in a society filled with cracks, they try to claim that there are cracks and dissention in the Straight Edge Society. There are none. They are all here, standing united. They are stronger than ever.

They are also interrupted by the Big Show and Punk wonders what he did to deserve this. Punk sees Show walking to the ring with a few ladders and he wants to know if his mic is still on.

Show sets up the ladders he brought to the ring and Punk wants to know if anyone can hear him on the mic. Show gets a mic of his own and Punk says that he is talking to the people and they are listening to him.

Show says that he thought Punk was putting everyone to sleep. He gets that Punk’s finisher is the Go To Sleep but his talking puts America to sleep. He says that CM Punk and the SES is America’s cure for insomnia. He wonders if SES stands for snoozing every second. Punk corrects Show on the name of the group. Show says that he is out here for Money in the Bank. He says that he is here to entertain everyone. Show then mocks Punk’s preaching of the straight edge lifestyle. Show says that we can talk about something exciting like a Money in the Bank match, that for the first time has a real walking, talking, fire breathing giant. Show says that sounds exciting to him.

Punk says that sounds exciting because he likes big car crashes. Punk says that he is looking forward to seeing Show climb the ladder and hit a 450. Show wonders if he means a 450 like Evan Bourne, but Punk means seeing a clumsy 450 pounds burbling down through the ring and to the center of the earth. Punk wants Show to sell him on a giant in Money in the Bank.

Show says that the Money in the Bank ladder match is one of the most dangerous matches in the WWE. First, he is going to be on top of a ladder and if he falls on someone, they are kaput. Show uses some visual aids and has a standard ladder. Show says that he is not confident in that ladder. He talks about the things flying around during a Money in the Bank match. Show starts to climb the ladder and he breaks the first rung he stands on. Show says that is a bit embarrassing. Show says that he doesn’t need a big ladder because he is seven feet tall. Punk comments on Show’s vertical leap while Show sets up a smaller ladder. Show looks at that ladder and says that it probably won’t work either. Show says that he is a giant and he breaks everything, including furniture, cars, and ex-girlfriends. He says that he doesn’t have small dogs because he is afraid that he will sit on one.

Show says that he has spared no expense and he brings out a special ladder that requires five men to carry it to the ring. Show says that he has a ladder that weighs more than 350 pounds and has a 2,000 pound weight limit. Punk says that this demonstration is getting boring. Show sets up Mega Ladder and he says that this is one fine piece of American ingenuity.

Punk wants to know if show and tell is done because he says that Show will look like King Kong on the Empire State Building. He reminds Show that King Kong fell off the Empire State Building. Punk says that if it wasn’t for Kane accusing him of a crime he did not commit and injuring him, Punk would not be in a sling and he would be climbing the ladder. Punk says that he would be unhooking the briefcase like he did two previous times.

Show is attacked from behind by Luke Gallows and the mystery SES member. Luke takes the small ladder and hits Show in the head. Punk enters the ring and he climbs the Mega Ladder and goes to the top. Show recovers from the prior attack and he throws Luke Gallows out of the ring. The other member of the Straight Edge Society tries for a cross body onto Show and Show catches him and presses the man onto Luke Gallows on the floor. Punk realizes that he is trapped and he begs for mercy. Show starts to climb while Punk kicks feebly at him. Show grabs Punk and he grabs Punk’s good arm and Show smiles as he pulls off Punk’s mask and Punk is bald. Show puts the mask on top of his head as we go to commercial.

We are back with a look back at the Straight Edge unveiling.

Jack Swagger is still on the phone and he tells the person on the phone that he should have been here by now. Swagger is told that the driver is lost. Swagger says that there are only two roads in the entire state. Swagger says that he cannot have Kane ruining his title match. He says that he needs the evidence and he needs it now. Swagger tells the person on the phone that he has never let him down before.

We take a look back at Layla interrupting Kelly’s interview last week.

Match Number Three: Layla and Trent Barreta with Caylen Croft versus Kelly Kelly and Chris Masters with Tiffany

The ladies start things off and Kelly with a slap and forearm. Kelly with kicks in the corner and the referee pulls Kelly out of the corner. Kelly tries for the handspring back elbow but Layla with a kick to stop her and Layla gets a near fall. Layla with a back breaker and then she stretches Kelly over her knee.

Rosa Mendes decides to use this time to skip rope to the ring.

Layla wants to know what is going on and Trent and Caylen turn the rope for Rosa. Layla gets outraged at what she sees her tag team partner doing and throws a hissy fit. Masters with clotheslines to Barreta and Croft on the floor and then Kelly with a kick to the midsection followed by the K2 for the three count.

Winners: Kelly Kelly and Chris Masters

After the match, Rosa is distraught over what she did and then she decides to back away slowly and then skips rope to the back.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Todd reminds us that every Money in the Bank winner has successfully cashed in their opportunity. We run through the card for Money in the Bank.

On his way to the ring, Matt Hardy wants to talk about the truth. He says that he feels as comfortable standing on top of a ladder as he does with his feet firmly on the ground. He says that on Sunday at Money in the Bank, when he grabs the briefcase, regardless of who the champion is, he is cashing in that night. Matt says that he will leave the pay per view as the World Champion.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a new Alberto Del Rio video package from the Del Rio Estate. Alberto walks into his house and he looks at a statue. He says that he is the bravest of the brave. He says that bravery is an extraordinary attribute that lies in the heart of extraordinary men. He says that bravery is more than facing overwhelming odds. It is more than spitting in the eye of adversity. Bravery involves breaking boundaries, abolishing cultural stereo types, and competing with so much passion and cajones that people say that you have changed their lives forever. They write letters, name their children after you, and sometimes send you gifts like the statue that is in front of him. He says that he is the bravest of the brave.

Match Number Four: Matt Hardy versus Dolph Ziggler with Vickie Guerrero

Ziggler with a waist lock and then he tries for the sleeper but Hardy fights off the attempts and Hardy with a front face lock and then he works on the arm and takes Ziggler to the mat. Hardy with a side head lock take down. Hardy with a shoulder tackle and gets a near fall. Hardy returns to the side head lock. Ziggler punches and kicks Hardy and the referee warns him. Hardy with a kick and he sends Ziggler into the turnbuckles. Hardy with an Irish whip but he runs into an elbow. Hardy tries to press Ziggler off the turnbuckles but Dolph punches Hardy. Dolph goes up top but he is met with a punch as he hit the mat. Hardy with a clothesline that sends Dolph over the top rope to the floor. Hardy goes to the floor as well and he sends Ziggler into the apron. Ziggler kicks Hardy into the ringside barrier and we go to commercial.

We are back and Ziggler with a side head lock and then he sends Hardy to the mat. Ziggler with a series of elbow drops and then he finishes it with a leaping elbow drop but he can only get a near fall. Ziggler with an arm bar on Hardy. Ziggler with a kick but Hardy with a sunset flip attempt but Ziggler stays on his feet and then he falls forward into the ropes to get the referee to get Hardy to release. Ziggler with a kick to the head followed by the leap frog neck snap for a near fall. Dolph chokes Hardy in the ropes and the referee warns him. Ziggler stands on Hardy’s head. Hardy with punches and a shoulder tackle but Ziggler stays on his feet. Ziggler with a kick and forearms that send Hardy to the mat. Hardy with clotheslines followed by a flapjack for a near fall. Hardy goes to the turnbuckles and he hits the screaming elbow to the neck but he can only get a near fall. Hardy tries for a Side Effect but Ziggler with elbows to get out of the hold. Ziggler tries for a Rocker Dropper but Hardy counters with a power bomb and gets a near fall.

Hardy goes to the turnbuckles again and he misses the moonsault, but he did graze Ziggler as he rolled out of the way. Ziggler with a rollup for a near fall. Hardy with a punch followed by the Side Effect but Ziggler gets his finger on the rope and the count stops. Ziggler puts Hardy in the sleeper but Hardy runs Ziggler into the turnbuckles. Vickie gets on the apron and argues with the referee. Ziggler misses a punch and Hardy tries for the Twist of Fate but Ziggler avoids it and he pushes Hardy towards Vickie and Vickie screams very loudly. Ziggler with the Zig Zag for the three count.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

After the match, Ziggler points to the briefcase above the ring.

Todd and Matt talk about what happened during the Kingston/Rhodes match and Kane’s comments after the choke slams.

A limo arrives and Jack Swagger comes out to greet him. He talks about how it is always about the photo finishes with him and we see Swagger’s father. Jack asks if he has it. He gets a production assistant to take it to the truck while they walk into the building.

We are back and Did You Know that WWE has a number of awards from the military?

Jack Swagger comes to the ring and he is accompanied by his father. Jack says that it is an understatement that he has lived a fortunate life. When you have his genetics it is hard to get lost in the glamour and limelight. It is easy to lose sight of friends and family when you are constantly put on a pedestal against the top in the world. When you are being terrorized by a monster like Kane, you forget about things like winning back his World Title. He is going to clear the good name of Swagger and he is going to prove to Kane that he had nothing to do with the Undertaker. Swagger says on Memorial Day, even with Fatal Four Way looming, he was able to spend time with the man who made him the All American American American American. Jack says that on Memorial Day they did what Swaggers do best. That is win and look good.

Jack tells the people in the truck to go with Exhibit A. It is photos of Jack and his dad stretching and doing All American American American workouts. Jack asks his dad how many push ups he did and dad says at least 175 and Jack says that his dad is being modest because he probably did at least 300. We go to Exhibit B which is the Swaggers winning the blue ribbon at the Memorial Day Father-Son Classic. Jack asks his dad if it was a proud day and dad says that it was a proud day. It is time for Exhibit C and we see the Swaggers win the Oklahoma State Chicken Eating Contest. He says that they annihilated the record.

Kane’s pyro goes off and he comes to the ring while Striker figures that Swagger is innocent because of the photos. Kane tells Jack that he doesn’t know if it is the smug look on his face or the inner loathing he has for Jack, but he doesn’t believe a word he says. Swagger tells Kane that he has more evidence and Jack says that it is a photo of a 5K he ran and he points out that his dad came in second. The photo speaks for itself. Swagger says that he had nothing to do with the Undertaker. Kane grabs Jack by the throat and Swagger’s dad tells Kane that his son was with him on Memorial Day. Swagger hits Kane with the mic and he kicks Kane and he puts Kane in the ankle lock. Kane gets to the ropes but this is not a wrestling match so it doesn’t matter.

Rey Mysterio hobbles to the ring and he hits Swagger with a 619 while he has Kane in the ankle lock. Rey steps over Swagger as he leaves the ring. Kane grabs Swagger and his dad by the throat and Jack hits Kane and escapes but it is not enough to get his father out of Kane’s grasp. Kane looks at Jack while he gives Jack’s dad a choke slam. Jack hits the announce table and he is outraged that Kane would do that to his father. Swagger gets on the apron and he thinks about whether to get in the ring or not. Swagger walks away and Kane gives Swagger’s dad a tombstone piledriver. Swagger cannot believe what he just saw in the ring and we get pyro as we go to credits with Jack walking to the back.




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