WWE Promoting SummerSlam, WWE’s Facebook Stats, Video Game News

– An article on USA Today’s blog earlier this week looked at the top brands in sports and their Facebook followers. They noted that the NBA leads the pack with almost 3.2 million followers and UFC comes in second with around 2.3 million followers. The Vancouver 2010 Olympics comes in third with 1.2 million followers while WWE is #4 on the list with 757,845 fans on the social networking site. This puts WWE ahead of the NFL, MLB, NHL and NASCAR, among others.

– As noted before, the release date for AAA’s new wrestling video game was pushed back to avoid competition from the new Madden NFL game. However, the game will still face some major competition as WWE’s SmackDown vs. RAW 2011 comes out only two weeks later.

– WWE will be promoting SummerSlam during FOX’s Major League Baseball games on August 7th and 14th. WWE will air promotional videos on the side of the DirecTV blimp that hovers in the air during the game.

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