TNA Interested in JBL, Kevin Sullivan and Ed Ferrara Updates

– Word on TNA recently firing creative writer Ed Ferrara is that it was done due to budget reasons. Ferrara’s departure means that more work is being put on Vince Russo.

– Former WCW star Kevin Sullivan hasn’t heard back from TNA lately in regards to him coming in to work on the creative team.

– TNA has had some interest in former WWE Superstar John Bradshaw Layfield. Dixie Carter has met with JBL in the past and they get along. Dixie has wanted to bring JBL in since he retired from WWE after WrestleMania last year. At one point, Dixie offered to help co-produce the Viper MMA group that JBL and Bruce Pritchard tried to run, which didn’t last long.

People close to JBL don’t expect him to come in. JBL declined an offer from TNA back in January when they were getting ready for the switch Monday nights.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter




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  • PowerUp 5000

    TNA or Dixe Carter Inc. Can u get any decent peeps to help u ..Gosh ..TNA u have much talent just please stop getting old washed up WWE talent and promote ur Young stars and make better story lines…What has the Hogan/bishoff iidea got u? Nothing but laughed at 4 attempting a Monday nIght war, which made u go back 2 Thrusdays and ur locker room is divided

  • Mr.Hill

    I firmly believe that any wrestling fan could turn TNA around with 1/10th of the price and none of the ego.

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