Ring Rust Review: MITB

This Sunday Night the WWE will have its first Money In the Bank PPV. As we all know MITB has been a popular part of Wrestlemania for many years, the WWE has decided to give us a PPV based on the concept. I still think that making PPV based on popular concepts like MITB, or Elimination Chamber hurts the product in the end; too much o f a good thing removes the special quality that these matches represent. That said matches like this will put the spotlight on more superstars that might not normally get the attention let’s take a look at the card

WWE Diva’s Title Match: Alicia Fox vs. Eve Torres

Eve could be a pretty good wrestler if only they would give her the chance; she could be as good as Trish or Lita, well in time anyway. Alicia needs to be reminded this is not a runway show and needs to walk like she doesn’t have a dislocated hip. This is a fluff match for a fluff title that they should get rid of or unify with the women’s belt. Since they will not do that I’ll give this to Alicia as she seems to be the current flavor or WWE creative.

WWE Women’s Title Match: Layla vs. Kelly Kelly

Kelly Kelly has grown on me, she seems like she wants to lean and is making some progress. The Layla/McCool gimmick may not be original but they do it well. At least we know they watch TNA. I’m sure Tiffany will play a factor in this match. I think Kelly Kelly will pull off the upset here for no other reason that I’m sure the new Mrs. Undertaker will want to spend some time with the hubby. Yes I know Layla is the champion but via storyline they are “co-champions” so I see McCool taking the loss and perhaps causing friction between the ladies.

WWE Unified Tag Title Match: Uso’s vs. Harts

I hope they give this match plenty of time as it should be a fun contest. I have not seen enough of the Uso boys to know if they can hold their own in a PPV match. Between Nexus attacks and various run-ins we have not seen much wrestling other than they know how to fly off the top rope. I hate to say it but I think the Dynasty might be victims of circumstance. With Uncle Bret gone and Owen’s wife causing issues for Vince I think the Harts will get buried in WWE mid-card jobber hell for a little while. Your new WWE tag champs the Uso’s.

Raw MITB: Orton, Edge, Jericho, Bourne, DiBiase, The Miz, Morrison, Henry

Well let’s look at this Orton looked great last Monday which usually means he will lose, Morrison & DiBiase look to be starting a feud and not for the title. Edge has won it before as they have been reminding us, so no.  Mark Henry……, so Jericho might have had a chance but reports are he is leaving soon so not him. That leaves Bourne & Miz. Despite getting the seal of approval from Cena I do not think the WWE brain trust have enough faith in Evan so that leaves your winner, The Miz.

Smackdown MITB: Big Show, Rhodes, Christian, Hardy, Kingston, Kane, Ziggler, McIntyre

Granted he does not have to go far but I do not think Show can climb a ladder and get the case, Christian and Hardy will give us some great spots but that’s it, sorry. Kane has as much of a chance as Mark Henry does over on the Raw side. They are starting to notice Rhodes but net yet for him. They seem to be afraid to pull the trigger on Dolph so that leaves your winner Drew McIntyre.

World Title Match: Rey vs. Swagger

I have been impressed with Jack’s promos and in ring work the last few weeks; The WWE should give him a gold medal or something. They have stacked the odds against Rey and it looks like he might just have been an interim champion to sell the Fatal Four Way PPV concept. That said the WWE is looking to do a lot of international tours and Rey would sell better than Jack internationally so I look for Rey to retain.

WWE Title Match: Cena vs. Sheamus

I am one of those people who feel that Cena is ready for a heel turn and I think this is the right time to do it. In fact I see a double switch happening. Nexus will find a way to interfere on behalf of Cena causing Sheamus to lose the belt and turn face. Ok wishful thinking maybe but I do not see Cena getting the belt back otherwise and Nexus will be involved in some way. Winner of the match will be either Heel Cena or Heel Sheamus. I hope everyone has a great weekend, enjoy the rest of the summer, as far as Sunday….let’s watch.