Update on Possible Plans for WWE’s SummerSlam PPV

– With Triple H out of action again and The Undertaker’s return not confirmed now, nothing is solid for this year’s SummerSlam pay-per-view. The show was going to be built around Taker and Triple H’s returns.

CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio has been discussed but it’s not a lock. Months ago, WWE wanted to do a mask vs. mask match to expose CM Punk’s bald head but obviously that won’t be happening now. Other matches discussed include Big Show vs. Jack Swagger and The Harts vs. The Usos.

WWE has also been thinking about doing John Morrison vs. Ted DiBiase, with Melina reuniting with Morrison to even up the odds since DiBiase has Maryse now.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter




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  • PowerUp 5000

    Hmm Not spectacular …Let’s do better WWE bookers

  • j

    havent we seen these matches already in the last 3-4 months.. Deja vu..


    wat? is this really all that the Wwe has left to offer? cause if so its sad,sad bcse every single one of these matches 3 times or more on ppv and regular t.v. Wwe Needs New Plans, exciting plans not ones we ve seen for half ov dis year! Take advantage of the rest of the roster !

  • killarob

    Yo I hope that the bring the best couple wwe ever had back could watch both morrison and melina all day they are the best

  • jde909

    It can be or bad lol

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