WWE to Turn a Top Superstar Heel and Put Them with Nexus?

– WWE is toying with the idea of turning a top Superstar heel and have them be the person behind The Nexus angle. The main people being pitched for a heel turn are Triple H and believe it or not, John Cena.

Cena turning heel would be a risk because of his popularity with kids and everything else, including merchandise. Triple H has wanted to turn heel for a few years now but with injuries to him and his co-workers, they haven’t had the right time to turn him.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter




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  • Kayla Beard

    I think Sheamus should be the one to heel b/c alot of ppl love John Cena and Triple-H, it wouldnt make since for the leader to be beaten up every week.

  • jh

    Cena’s heel turn make alot of sense in that they could play the whole ‘ if you cant beat them, join them’ angle.

    Not only that but it could give Cena a new edge on his character and not act like such an over the top douche bag…

    Cena doing a heel turn would be great..

  • PowerUp 5000

    It would be good 2 see Triple H be a Heel, he is a better Heel than Face anyday..Although all the great wrestlers were able 2 be Face and Heel …I don’t think Cena would be good as a Heel the fans wouldn’t buy it and honestly would be a money lost 4 wwe sales

  • jh

    Wrestling 101 Lesson..
    You cant turn a Heel, heel… Because Sheamus already is a heel…

  • Natalie Vaughn

    Maybe it’s too obvious because it might work or it might not.

  • A.J

    I swear man..if they turn Cena or Triple H heel, im not watching wrestling ever again. Especially if it happenes to Cena. Bottom line

  • jh

    Triple H would be too obvious as the NXT heel leader.. You could almost script it now, he makes his triumphant return as Cenas tag partner one week only to have him turn, pedigree Cena and announce all the Nexus business was his doing… Its too blatently obvious..
    Thats why it should be Cena.. After months of beatings nobody would have seen it coming..

  • Ryan Black

    Ye they need triple h to go heel again that is when he is at his true best, that is why he is there most of the time, in the past when triple h was a bad ass and a bit of a prick he is amazing, ruthless and unstoppable.

  • cm1469

    A.J. thats one of the dumbest comments ever, you must not be a true wrestling fan.

  • Troy williams

    @jh What makes him a douche bag? now my comment ain’t Chris Jericho suppose to be the one who influenced them? because on raw he had a backstage segment with Wade Barrett about it.

  • Mark Taylor

    first of all I can’t see John a heel he is to popular with the kids. I don’t know if it would work since he does a lot of make-a-wish and I think that would ruin the whole thing with him. I think John he is going to team up with some super stars at the next Payper view. Triple HHH can’t go heel right now because he of his injury caused by Shamus. When he comes back I think that he’s going to a finsh the Rivaly with Shamus.

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