TNA Seeking More ECW Originals, Dixie’s Segment, Jeff Hardy Update

– Tommy Dreamer has been making phone calls to his former co-workers from the ECW days to appear at TNA’s Hard Justice pay-per-view.

– Jeff Hardy is scheduled to return to court for his drug charges in North Carolina on Thursday, September 9th of this year.

– Dixie Carter was said to be very nervous about her segment with Dreamer at last night’s iMPACT tapings. Dixie asked for feedback from several people after the show and word is that Vince Russo was over-the-top with his praise for Dixie’s work.

Friend of RVD Coming to TNA, Rare Angelina Uncensored….

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  • PowerUp 5000

    The ECW takeover is wack !! Come on Dixie write the check and get Shane O Mac in TNA

  • jh

    Hell id even consider Kevin Sullivun for writing shows at this point..

    He claims he has a years worth of prewritten storylines up his sleeve..

    Even he doesnt sound like a bad choice at this point.. If Dixies desperate enough to fix the company…

  • troy williams

    @PowerUp 5000 are you a WWE mark you always hating on Tna you are probably a little 12 year old kid and by the way this is a good storyline and shane mac won’t do anything remember the invasion?

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