Goldberg Furious About Jim Ross Being Cut From WWE Intro

Bill Goldberg posted the following on his Twitter page concerning Jim Ross being cut from the WWE intro:

“So I hear the WWE made an example out of JR because he was on camera being interviewed at Brock’s UFC event. Things never change do they.”

“Give’m hell JR!!”

“Sounds like something they would do. Just speaking out for my buddy JR.”




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  • PowerUp 5000

    That’s the WWE 4 ya the Cut Throat Nation led by The Millonair McManons

  • jh

    2 Thumbs Up for Bill Goldberg…

    ‘Da Man’ just made most WWE fans wishes come true…

    He gave WWE an excuse NOT to induct him into the HOF next Wrestlemania in Atlanta, by badmouthing the company…

  • paul g

    yea wwe fuckn up they could be doin big things but they aint doin nothing great

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