WWE NXT Results – 7/13/2010

Report by Richard Trionfo, PWInsider

We are live on tape from Louisville, Kentucky and your announcers are Michael ‘Cornette’ Cole and Josh ‘Midnight Express’ Mathews. Your hosts is Matt ‘Callipari’ Striker and Ashley ‘Did you Miss Me Last Week’ Valence.

What is the Nexus going to do tonight? We will find out in a few moments.

The pros are introduced as they take their seats on the stage. The other pros have to hold back Mark Henry when the Miz comes out. Noticeably absent are Michelle McCool and Layla.

Nexus make their way onto the stage and sit on the opposite side and they are missing Darren Young.

Wade says that it is a privilege to be here tonight. What better way to celebrate their victory over John Cena than to return to the show where they made their start. He wishes the season two rookies their best as they watch them. Wade says that he hopes the pros don’t instigate anything because they want to sit back and watch the show.

We see highlights from the match between the Miz and Mark Henry from last night.

Match Number One: Alex Riley and The Miz versus Mark Henry and Lucky Cannon

Riley and Henry start things off and Henry goes after Miz on the apron but Miz gets to the floor. They lock up and Henry pushes Riley into the corner. Riley tries to talk to Henry and he offers his hand in a sign of sportsmanship but it was a trap. Henry blocks the kick and hits a clothesline followed by a punch. Henry with a kick to the midsection. Henry throws Riley to the floor and then Henry tells Miz to get into the match. Miz yells at Riley on the floor and tells him to do something.

Henry punches Riley followed by a forearm to the back. Henry with a clothesline to the back and then he wants Miz to tag in but Miz refuses. Cannon tags in and a fireman’s carry and arm bar. Cannon turns it into a key lock and he connects with a knee to the elbow. Riley with a rake of the eyes followed by a shoulder tackle. Cannon with a back elbow and clothesline. Cannon clotheslines Riley over the top rope to the floor. Cannon tries for a pescado but he is too close to the ring steps and he hits them instead of Riley as we go to commercial.

We are back and Riley with a near fall on Cannon. Cannon tries to make the tag but Riley keeps him in the ring and then sends him into the turnbuckles. Miz tags in and punches Cannon and sends him into the turnbuckles. Miz with kicks and punches in the corner as the referee warns Miz. Henry has some words for Miz before Miz hits the running clothesline into the corner and he gets a near fall. Cannon with punches but they have no effect on Miz. Miz with a punch and kick to the head for a near fall. Miz pulls Cannon back towards his corner and tags in Riley. Riley with a kick and a rear chin lock. Cannon with elbows but Riley with a hip toss for a near fall. Riley punches Henry to keep Cannon from making the tag. Miz tags in and punches and kicks Cannon. Riley tags back in and he connects with a forearm and gets a near fall. Cannon with a power slam and both men are down. Miz tags in and he keeps Cannon from making the tag but Cannon kicks Miz off and Henry tags in and hits a few clotheslines followed by a splash in the corner. Henry presses Miz over his head and then he drops Miz behind him. Miz tries to get to the ropes but Henry pulls him off. Riley tags in and he punches Henry but Henry picks Riley up and hits the World’s Strongest Slam for the three count.

Winners: Mark Henry and Lucky Cannon

After the match, in a moment of symbolism, he brings a trash can into the ring and he is going to pour the trash on Miz’s rookie, Alex Riley.

Josh and Michael talk about the Money in the Bank matches on Sunday.

It is time to hear what the pros have to say about Alex Riley. Kofi says that Alex Riley is very confident. Miz says that he is a listener, a talent, good on the microphone. He says that Alex is athletic, smart, cocky, and arrogant. Zack says that Riley needs to get over the fact that he was cool in high school. Cody tells Alex that it is 2010 and he has a letterman jacket and his name is bejeweled. Mark says that Alex is a lot more show than go. Miz says that Alex is a little over the top. MVP says that Alex needs to relax. Cody says that Alex seems like he is playing a character, but he would prefer that Alex be a character. Morrison says that Alex is entertaining, confident, and brash. He says that Alex reminds him of the Miz because they are both annoying. Kofi says that he is doing a good job even if the fans don’t like him because it is better to get a reaction than to have the crowd be silent. Miz says that it is tough to see who the next breakout star is . . . then he says that it will be Alex Riley.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a Money in the Bank video package showing what Jack Swagger did this year with Money in the Bank.

It is time to see who is in the two Money in the Bank matches on Sunday. We run through the card for Sunday’s pay per view.

It is time to take a look back at the end of last night’s Nexus versus Cena match.

We go to commercial.

It is time for Show Time with Percy Watson and he tells everyone to get out of their seat and onto their feet. Percy wants everyone to yell out ‘Oh Yeah’. Percy says that people were asking who he should bring on his show. He brings out a good friend who taught him everything in the WWE. He brings out his pro Montel Vontavious Porter.

Percy asks to borrow $20 but Porter tells him they will talk about it later. Percy says that he has learned a lot and he appreciates it. Porter tells Percy that he needs to listen and execute in the ring. Porter says that Percy is doing a good job so far. Percy talks about how Porter says that he should seize the opportunity and grab the moment. Percy gets up and then the rest of the rookies come to the ring. Percy apologizes and says that it has to be this way. Porter says that he is disappointed because he thinks he should have learned. Porter says that he never goes to a part alone and the season two pros come out. Porter suggests that if they want a party, they should make a party.

Matt Striker comes out and says that it looks like the rookies are trying to test the pros. Striker suggests that there be a battle royal right now.

Wade Barrett tells Matt that he is forgetting about the most important part and that is the Nexus. Wade says that a battle royal makes it every man for himself. Wade promises that there will be one winner and it will be the same winner from NXT Season One . . . Wade Barrett.

Striker makes it a twenty man Battle Royal.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Twenty Man Battle Royal featuring the Season Two Pros, Season Two Rookies, and Nexus

Mark Henry stands in the center of the ring as the match starts. Nexus goes to the floor to watch the action in the ring. People go after Mark Henry and they eliminate him. Nexus attack Henry on the floor to add insult to injury. Back in the ring, things pair up as Henry is sent into the ring post. Eli Cottonwood is eliminated and Nexus go after him. Sheffield with the clothesline to Cottonwood. Watson is about to be eliminated by Ryder and Miz but he stays on the apron and gets back in. Riley and Harris battle in the ring. Cannon goes after Morrison and Watson joins in. Miz and Rhodes eliminate Porter and Nexus wait for him to get up and Porter is saved by Morrison and Kofi who run interference. We go to commercial.

We are back and Nexus return to the ring and there is pandemonium in the ring. Tarver punches Watson while Otunga holds him. Otunga eliminates Watson and Ryder goes after Otunga but Otunga with forearms. Barrett punches McGillicutty and Michael with a knee. Riley goes after Kofi and saves Miz from elimination. Morrison with forearms to Otunga’s neck. McGillicutty is eliminated by Barrett. Nexus stand in one corner as Morrisoin goes after Riley. Harris goes after Nexus and they eliminate him as a group. Kaval is eliminated as Riley is checked on because he is bleeding.

Morrison, Kingston, Miz, Ryder, and Rhodes square off with Nexus and Morrison discusses strategy. Ryder woo woo woos to Nexus and Miz throws Ryder over the top rope. Morrison yells at Miz. Miz lectures Nexus about what he did for them in season one as Rhodes Morrison, and Kofi want to know which side Miz is on and then they abandon him. Miz eliminates himself. We are now at a six on three situation in this every man for himself match. Morrison and Kingston go after Nexus while Cody watches from the turnbuckles. We have two three on one attacks and then Barrett and Otunga work on Morrison while the rest work on Kofi. Rhodes continues to avoid the action. Cody remains ‘Dashing’ around the ring. Morrison and Kofi fight off Nexus but it is too much. The action continues and they split the ring as Cody cross the Red Sea of the ring. John Morrison holds on to the ropes as Otunga, Slater, and Sheffield try to eliminate him. Gabriel joins in. It is now a six on one attack on Kofi. Kofi fights out for a second but it is too much for Kofi. Kofi is eliminated and Nexus look at the carnage and then realize that Cody Rhodes is still in the ring.

Cody tries to be ‘Dashing’ and talk his way out of the situation. Cody offers his hand to Justin Gabriel. He goes to Otunga and he does nothing. Cody then tries to be dashing with Wade Barrett and then it is a six on one attack. Skip throws Cody over the top rope as Nexus wins the match.

Winner: Nexus

After the match, Tarver and Gabriel throw Rhodes and Kofi back in. Morrison fights off Sheffield and Tarver but the referees stop the assault on John. Barrett with the fireman’s carry slam to Kofi. Otunga with the World’s Most Dangerous Spinebuster to Rhodes. Gabriel goes up top for the Delayed 450 Splash on Rhodes.

Matt Striker asks Wade Barrett what he thinks about the fan’s reaction to Nexus. Barrett tells Striker that he never had a problem with him before, but he does not think that standing in the ring with them is the smartest thing he did. He warns Striker that it might get ugly. Barrett says that Season One came back as the Nexus to prove what they can do in the WWE. What they are doing now is something that nobody can understand because it is part of a bigger picture.

Matt asks Wade if he is proud of what they did to John Cena on Raw. Wade says that he is proud of everything that he has done in the ring. Wade says that you are either Nexus or Against Us.

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