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*Spoilers* TNA iMPACT Tapings for 7/15/10

Posted by Marc Middleton in iMPACT! Results
Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

– Thanks to Craig for sending us live spoilers from last night’s TNA tapings in Orlando:


* It looks like TNA is starting the new Xplosion tonight as and JB are out for commentary. The set is cool, not as lit up as iMPACT normally is.

* defeated Eric Young.

* Orlando Jordan beat Homicide with a choke.


* Abyss opens the show and has some kind of red meat on his board of nails. Abyss calls it his girl and named the board Janice. Abyss starts hitting the mat with the board as the fans chant for . He cuts a promo on RVD.

* and Sarita start brawling backstage and make their way to ringside for a match it looks like. Taylor tosses Sarita into the crowd and chokes her out with a strap for the win. Good stuff here.

* talks to Miss Tessmacher backstage.

* Brian Kendrick defeats Douglas Williams by submission. I think this was non-title. After the match Kevin Nash came out and chokeslammed Kendrick.

* Nash demands that and give him more TV time. Nash is going to make an example out of Kendrick until Jeff Jarrett comes out and tells him to calm down. Jarrett says Nash cares about the money only. Jarrett says Nash got it or something. Nash walks off and leaves Jeff in the ring.

* beats and in a three-way after making Wolfe submit. Good match here. Chelsea was upset at the end and stormed off ahead of Wolfe.

* A Best of 5 will take place between Tag Champs Motor City Machineguns and . A contract is there to be grabbed and it appears that’s the only way to win. James Storm cuts a promo before the match and says they’re tired of getting screwed. Awesome start to the match here. This one is a ladder match. wins when Storm uses a beer bottle.

* The Pope defeated Matt Morgan in a rather dull match. Morgan went for the kick against the ringpost after the match but Mr. Anderson made the save. Anderson tried to shake hands with Pope but Pope wouldn’t.

* There’s a backstage segment with the Beautiful People. Velvet storms off for some reason. I couldn’t hear it.

* Madison Rayne comes out for a promo. She’s not happy about the referee’s decision of taking her title at . Rayne threatens to sue TNA. and Lacey Von Erich come out and ask why Madison got the motorcycle chick to help without asking them first. Velvet and Rayne get into it when Angelina Love comes out. Angelina accuses Velvet of being the motorcycle rider. Angelina and Madison brawl when the bike rider arrives again. She helps Madison beat Angelina up and they leave together.

* beats Jay Lethal with a Swanton Bomb. My favorite match of the night. The ECW originals arrived during this match.

* Ric Flair comes out to end the show with and Kazarian. Flair says Victory Road sucked for him and announces them as the first two members of Fortune. Desmond Wolfe comes out to protest. Abyss comes out and everyone leaves. He calls out RVD. Abyss talks about “them” and says “they” want the TNA Title from RVD. Abyss and RVD will have an Extreme Rules match at with his nail board hanging above the ring. They start brawling. Ink Inc. tries to come help RVD but they can’t. , , and Stevie Richards hop the rail and appears at the ramp. They come down and attack Abyss to make the save for RVD. TNA officials and wrestlers hit the ring and it’s chaos. People like Devon Dudley and side with the ECW guys. It’s an ECW vs. TNA brawl. Dixie Carter is trying to stop it all. The show ends with the ECW guys and Foley getting the upperhand.

Backstage Hardy News, RVD’s Future as TNA Champ and More…

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