RAW GM Angle at Live Events, Ziggler’s Name for His Finisher, More

– Former WWE Diva Lilian Garcia is currently in California writing and recording her next album.

– Dolph Ziggler noted on Twitter that he was considering “The Name Dropper” as the new name for his sleeper hold finisher.

– WWE continued the anonymous General Manager angle at this weekend’s RAW live events, complete with the e-mail alert sound and everything. Instead of Michael Cole, it was Justin Roberts who announced the messages this time. The General Manager made a main event of John Cena vs. Sheamus with Lumberjacks at ringside. Later on before the match, the General Manager revealed that the Lumberjacks would be the seven members of Nexus.

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  • Natalie Vaughn

    I don’t know who is the GM for Monday Night Raw I think this is ridiculous. I couldve known about the GM was the former member of Nexus. By the way they don’t make peace they wanted to fight. I think they trying to make mind games on John Cena and other wwe superstars. I wish the somebody get fired from Monday Night Raw including the GM. I’m sick and tired of GM looks like a moron who couldn’t make things right. By the way I think those Nexus would suffer and other hyprocrites of superstars like Edge, Miz, Chris Jericho Shameus, The USOS would not making on time.

  • PowerUp 5000

    This WWE “annoymous” GM is getting real lame..Just name the GM and leave the labtop alone ..

  • cm1469

    My money is that the GM is Michael Cole… but i agree its getting so stupid. Would love to see them go that route with Cole and have him play the heel GM, open up the announce table to bring back J.R., and let Triple H come back to unite the RAW Superstars against Cole and The Nexus.

  • killarob

    Lol really yo that sounds so gay, have triple h unite everybody to fight sum rookies that’s gay ass cena problem and something he might and tried already to do

  • jh

    the annonymous GM storyline is a bunch of CRAP. Its on par with when Mike Adamle was RAW GM.
    As for Nexus, I think it great. The 7 of them running riot over RAW. Its unfortunate that once the RAW roster get its revenge and ‘destroys’ the Nexus crew,the WWE kill the storyline and we go back to the same usual boring repetitive crap were all used to watching with WWE…

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