Jeff Jarrett Continues to Tease Big News, Snitsky to TNA?

– Former WWE star Gene Snitsky has been apparently been trying to get into TNA.

– Jeff Jarrett has continued teasing big news for TNA on his Twitter this week. Jarrett’s latest “photo hint” is a shot of a roller-coaster. Fans are speculating that the news has something to do with New York or maybe a big name from New York.

Jarrett wrote the following: “Doing some more cardio thinking about the weeks and months to come. Very exciting.. I tweeted “huge news”, not “big surprise”. Most of the time surprises are a major letdown… Hints coming later…”

HUGE Spoiler on Tonight’s TNA PPV, RVD Plans and More…




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  • PowerUp 5000

    Snitsky …”Lame”..Please TNA don’t let em In and waste needless money

  • joemoefoe7

    ha let him in and team with abyss, so maybe the main events on impact wont be so BORING!

  • NightWolf76

    If TNA was smart it better be Shane McMahon if their is one thing they can’t stand it is failure,and if finally given the opportunity like he should have got to run the WWE,then I no TNA will become better and bigger then it ever could have with Heyman.,Bischoff & Hogan because all those three would do is milk money from TNA,while Shane could actually put money into it he does have a big wallet,and he is also younger which the wrestlers in TNA would relate to better,since most of them are young them selves so that would be plus,we find soon enough Foley is coming back this month and said he isn’t coming back alone,so will it be Shane who was the only person that kept Vince from firing him,when he was employed with the WWE most likely and I also believe Abyss has role in this,could they he has been talking about be Foley & Shane let’s hope so for TNA’s future if not the other McMahon will own it instead.

  • Chris

    Would be very interesting if the GM winds up being Daniel Bryan.

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