Update on Triple H and His SummerSlam Match

– Apparently the surgery that Triple H has just had was to repair a torn tendon in his upper arm. If that’s the case, Triple H will be out of action for two to four more months, which means he will miss the match with Sheamus at SummerSlam.

There’s speculation that the torn tendon is a new injury that he’s suffered since being out of action from WWE, but that’s not confirmed.

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  • jh

    So Triple H is out of action for however long. So who gets the SummerSlam match with Sheamus, WWE is too moronic to give someone decent a shot. So we’ll probably end up with another version of Sheamus v Cena again..

  • You dont need it

    Orton should get the match with Sheamus, WWE title. Orton should win, feud with Edge, Edge ends up with the title, feuds with Jericho.

  • brenton

    Triple, h will be at summerslam but will show up, as the nexus leader because ur either nexus or against us

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