Dixie Carter and Jeff Jarrett Tease Something Big for TNA

– Jeff Jarrett has been teasing “big news” on his Twitter account this past week. On July 3rd, Jarrett wrote the following: “Just received some huge news!”

Then on Wednesday, he wrote this: “Huge news is happening today and tomorrow…”

Later on Wednesday and then on Thursday, Jarrett posted photos that he called hints at what the big news is. The first photo looked to be a shot of an island and the second photo was a spotlight that you would see on a movie or TV set. One fan speculated that the first photo was of Staten Island in New York.

Furthermore, Dixie Carter continues to tease something big on her Twitter account. Dixie wrote the following last night: “Oh, if you guys only knew who I met with today….. You will.”

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  • PowerUp 5000

    News is Never Huge in TNA its always a recycled concepts someone else used already…For example the “ECW takerover” in which we see Abyss is doing with old washed up ECW wrestlers ..TNA is becoming very predidtable

  • DrunkenMoney

    PowerUp 5000 is a bloody WWE Fucker.ECW angle will always be great.WWE never used them properly.ECW wrestlers are true extreme legends.They are not washed up.Have you seen wrestling between 1992-2001?
    If yes then you know who they are.IF not,then dont post such fucking comments.

  • jh

    The only thing HUGE for TNA to do right now is to piss Hogan and Bischoff off out of the company. While Dixies at it, get rid of Russo as well..
    I kinda like the idea of Shane O’Mac if they can get hold of him. But they wont..

  • Ghostfreak

    Dixi was probably stoned when she brought hogan and bitchoff in.never believe tna hype

  • troy williams

    yeah we will see about it this better not be a fake if it is i might not watch TNA for a while [email protected] you are a retard thinking TNA is predictable know one knew about this abyss heel turn unlike WWE where everything including the champion is predictable oh by the way ROH sucks.

  • daphenonemal1

    @troy williams first off i see roh as a big competitor in the next 5 to 10yrs and kinda think i read what the SUPRISE is gonna be notice i said what not who @ powerup5000 BREAKING NEWZ wwe is doing the same all wrestling companies copy each other perfect examples tna’s beautiful people = wwe’s laycool then wwe did a fued with kurt booker and sharmell where kurt would harass her and stuff then tna did lashley stiener and kristal i say the hogan bischoff thing is a kayfabe look at stings actions if not tna should just use hogan for a once or twice time thing and put bischoff on creative just don let him have alotta power

  • troy williams

    @daphenomenal1 okay you say TNA copies WWE well first off Laycool is a ripoff/copy of the The Beautiful People everyone knows that that watches wrestling second you are right about that both companies copy each other however lets see what wwe copied from TNA also 1. TNA names their lock down pay per view after a the steel cage match WWE now starting to name their pay per view after a type of match (ex money in the bank, Elimination chamber,hell in a cell,and Tlc) 2. the jay lethal gimmick impersonating wrestlers came first then wwe copies that having charlie Haas do the exact same thing. TNA puts a Hall of Famer wrestler in charge of running the company like a general manager WWE does the same thing with Bret Hart i could continue but i don’t feel like it and since you say you know the surprise what is it cause it has not been told far as i am concern.

  • killarob

    TNA SUCKS BALLSSSSSSSSSS but I do like the divas and wwe is ass since the whole pg thing hope they get rid of that ish soon and ROH is better than both TNA and WWE as far as wrestling it just need better prodution vaule assholes

  • daphenonemal1

    i was saying i have an idea of what it could be plus you just said exactly what i wrote earlier only in more detail

  • troy williams

    @killarob what exactly makes you think ROH is better than TNA?

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