Triple H Undergoes Undisclosed Surgery

Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Dirk Hayhurst met up with Triple H when rehabbing an injury and revealed on Twitter that Triple H is rehabbing a recent surgery. Here is what come from Dirk’s Twitter:

— Guess who I just singed a book for… Triple H of the WWE. Seriously, I just found myself next to him on a training table. Wow, Surreal

— I did not get a pic, he was a tad out of it, fresh out of surgery so I didn’t want to hassle him. Besides, photo’s in hospitals are no no’s

— HHH was alert enough for me to ask him a question. I gave him the most important one I could think of: “Where do you think Lebron will go?”

— Actually, I didn’t ask him anything. He look tired and it’s best to leave large, powerful men alone when they are tired. I wish him well.

— Alright, all you punny guys, my mistake: I SIGNED a book for HHH not singed it. You know what I meant. Garfoose now practicing the pedigree

— Funny, when they wheeled him in he didn’t spit water or scream, just kinda laid there quietly–ZaW5M He’d still kill me

It’s still unknown what the surgery was form. People within WWE feel that Triple H will be ready to return to action by SummerSlam, so let’s hope that holds up.




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  • jh

    Triple H was probably told in advance that Sheamus will get the win at SummerSlam so he’ll pull this crap to get out of the match..

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