NXT Not Allowed To Compete For Title Storyline Update

— It was announced on RAW by the show’s “anonymous” General Manager via email that all members of WWE’s Nexus faction would not be able to compete for any WWE championship until further notice due to NXT’s attacks on other WWE wrestlers. Michael Cole then said that they would not be able to compete for a title for the next three months. WWE’s website now states that Nexus members will not receive any title shots until further notice, so there may have been a correction to the storyline.

— Spearking of NXT, if you missed it before, WWE gave new names to second generation wrestlers Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty. Several second & third generation stars in WWE developmental are now worried that the company will change their names as well. At least one of the wrestling families is upset about their son’s name change. I don’t see why they would change their names when using the families wrestling name would give them more notoriety.