JR Blog: Lesnar vs. Carwin Thoughts, NXT Season 2, Arn Anderson

Jim Ross posted the following on his blog:

On Lesnar vs. Carwin: Guys that work at the gym I go to are still “buzzing” about the Lesnar-Carwin fight that we attended this past Saturday night. There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind who the top heavyweight in MMA is now. Brock is on the cusp of some great marketing opportunities would have to assume with his popularity and name identity never being better since he joined UFC. I expect the Lesnar fight to sell approximately 1.2 million PPV’s and that figure might be a touch low. It is very likely that Lesnar will earn well north of 7 figures for his efforts once all the PPV and merchandise monies are accounted.

On NXT Season 2: The 2nd NXT class is beginning to take shape in my eyes and from this fan’s perspective. I still like Husky Harris among others. I think it was Michael Cole who said that Husky had an ‘unusual body.’ Unique description of the stocky 3rd generation athlete. I would suggest that Husky drop some LB’s, I could do the same, but no one can deny that this kid isn’t a special athlete who has noticeable quickness for, what I assume, is a 300 pounder. Husky at 260-270 might be at much better weight over the long haul but he’s a keeper. I would refraining from any more tattoos if I were him but that’s only one man’s opinion.

I like McGillicutty as he reminds me of his dad Curt Henning. McGillicutty is appropriately ‘Perfect’ thus far on NXT. He could take some of Husky’s pounds in a minor trading places of 3rd generation guys piece of business. This young man is another potential star.

Kaval has a unique look and I can see him having some off the page bouts some day with Rey Mysterio, among others. If I had Kaval’s pipes, I might be looking for work doing voice overs or animated features. This man has paid many dues and I’m pleased that he’s getting the opportunity that he has earned. Nonetheless he sounds like a shorter, James Earl Jones.

On Arn Anderson: Nice use of Arn Anderson’s interview skills on Raw Monday night or so I thought. Double A was always one of the best promo guys ever as his words came from his heart and his gut. I vividly remember when he came to work in Mid South Wrestling using the name Marty Lunde and he had hair and I was several pounds lighter. We’ve been friends ever since and I hope that Arn gets into the WWE Hall of Fame next year in Atlanta along with the Freebirds. Before the emails roll in, yes, Double A would make someone a helluva ‘manager’ or mouth piece, but it certainly seems that the viable days of the wrestling manager have fallen by the wayside. I have discussed this matter at length in the Q&A section of this site and on previous blogs.