Former WWE Wrestler Hints At Joining TNA

Former WWE Superstar Jimmy Wang Yang hinted at signing with TNA Wrestling on twitter:

“Signed a contract for my next big wrestling adventure. Give you guys a clue, I have wrestled for them in the past.”

Yang has wrestled for TNA in the past, so that hints at a return to TNA.



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  • Micah Distel

    He’s wrestled for ROH too.

  • PowerUp 5000

    TNA is following WCW’s foot print signing old wrestlers that were WWE leftovers..Why not just PUSH your young stars Even WWE has took a page out of TNA book and push younger generations. TNA was know for the young guys getting shots( X Division) now the X Divsion is a joke and Older Washed up wrestlers are the New WCW aka TNA ..Hogan was the wrost move they made

  • daphenonemal1

    yeah i agree with powerup its just gonna be a matter of time before everyone wants new faces’s i mean when you look at it the young bucks are only the new faces of the hogan/bischoff era and we hardly see them i for one was suprised he beat douglas williams last night

  • kfedup

    if u remember wcw signed names and would have put wwe under if ted turner had mot been such a piece ofshit amd sold it. 89 weeks beating wwe convincingly

  • Steve

    I think its Just a matter of time before TNA get cancled and becomes just a memory

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