WWE High On Husky Harris, WWE Trys Out Heavyweight Wrestler, New WWE Star

– The man in the bar with Serena from last week’s SmackDown was independent wrestler Adam Cole, who wrestles for Evolve, Dragon Gate USA and CZW.

– Mitch Monteiro, who earned 5th place the 2010 NCAA wrestling tournament as a heavyweight, recently earned a one-week tryout with WWE developmental in Tampa. Monteiro, a wrestling fan since he was a kid, was recruited by Gerald Brisco. Monteiro is 6’2″ and 285 pounds.

– Several people are raving about NXT 2 Rookie Husky Harris, the son of former WWE wrestler Mike “IRS” Rotundo. The comparison has been made of him being like a young Dusty Rhodes, in the sense that he has a bad looking body but he’s quick and athletic. Husky is considered by many as the standout of this NXT season and has a lot of supporters within the company.




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  • joemoefoe7

    husky harris is gonna be the wwe’s samoa joe

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