Will Paul Heyman Be at TNA Victory Road?, TNA-JR Note and More

– As noted before, TNA wants Paul Heyman to appear at the upcoming Victory Road pay-per-view. Heyman has made it clear he will not be there. As of this past weekend, some in the company are under the impression that Heyman will be there but there has been no deal reached.

Heyman noted that TNA has came to him but they even gave Jim Ross a low-ball number. As noted before, Heyman wants a deal with TNA similar to what Dana White has with UFC. Heyman said if he doesn’t get something like that for many millions of dollars, then he’s not interested in returning. TNA also wants Heyman to lead the ECW invasion angle but Heyman has said he does not want to be a character on TV.

Some in TNA say that the two sides are so close on signing a deal that Heyman has began working on ideas. Sources say that while Heyman doesn’t want to be a TV character, he’s willing to make at least one TV appearance just to show that he’s arrived.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter




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  • mike

    Heyman does not need to be on tv. TNA needs to get him backstage and correct Russo’s mistakes. They have Tommy Dreamer to be the socalled leader of the EX ECW stars thats supposed to be showing up soon.

  • NightWolf76

    I have heard it’s Shane coming in not Heyman,and that’s why Dixie is being so tight lipped about it,he is the one I would go with,younger knows how Vince thinks will not cost,you an arm & a leg to bring him in,has never said one bad thing about TNA unlike Heyman,besides when Dixie said it will change TNA forever why would it be Heyman,he ain’t nothing but another Bischoff F**k him,am going to laugh my ass off when Shane walks out at Victory road gives Heyman the #1 salute,and tells his dad to kiss his ass,TNA fits Shane’s personality a lot more then it does Heyman,he was the one talked Vince into going with the Attitude era,and that was the only great thing,they have done since now look at them a kids show,I would go with Shane running it all Jim Ross being the GM,leave Heyman out of it period he will bankrupt TNA hear me Dixie,it’s not worth having another Bischoff type guy,if he is such a saviour how do you explain,ECW going out of business in the first place.

  • PowerUp 5000

    I agree with u guys above me ^^^^ TNA management if ur Listening and Reading Wrestlescoop ….Your Product has become wrost since the Hogan/Bischoff Era .OMG !! And Vince Russo is getting horrible with the booking and storylines. Russo is not the same “NWO” brilliant person he once was ! The best storyline TNA had since it start was the “Main Event Mafia” …Why lose more money bringing Paul Heyman in the mix ..U overpaid 4 Flair,Bischoff,Hogan already …I would love 2 see Shance McMahnon in TNA although I don’t think we will see but TNA is getting horrible and Dixie Carter is a open check book every washed up Wrestler in the Buisness is taking advantage of ..

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