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WrestleScoop Readers,

Thank you to everyone who submitted their feedback to me yesterday. If you still want to send me a message on what you would like to see on WrestleScoop, fill out the contact form on this page to shoot me an email.

I got a lot of great feedback from everyone. We’ll be working harder on giving you the breaking news coverage that you desire.

One recommendation I received was from a fan who said that he loves the news on WWE DVDs. I decided to create a WWE DVDs news page based on this. You’ll be able to look up the release dates of upcoming DVDs as well as get news on just WWE DVDs.

I hope you enjoy this new page. In order to access it, there’s a link in the “Extras” section at the top and also a link in the right navigation in the “News” box. I will probably be working on a drop-down navigation for the top so more sections of the site are more accessible.  Stay tuned!

Be sure to send me your feedback.

Keeping it real,

Vegas Martin



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  • chocoboy87

    A DVD section? So what’s wrong with going to – they have focused coverage.

  • Vegas Martin

    Because now WrestleScoop has it!

  • chocoboy87

    That I know, but the point is it’s simply not as good DVD coverage here. The exclusives keep popping up there. So for that category of news I’ll be staying put, but for everything else this place is good.

  • djg21333

    i agree with chocoboy87, WWEDVDNEWS.COM is wayyyyyy better for DVD news. this site is really really good for all the inside scoops, i have been a long time visitor to this site myself. but WWEDVDNEWS.COM has all the exclusives and all the DVD scoops. the guys that run the site are the best, they have all the goodies for the dvd news out there. the blog section is my favorite part 😉 ill keep going there for all my WWEDVDNEW.COM

  • chocoboy87

    News travels. How about the sites work together on it

  • PowerUp 5000

    I think its cool either way multiple options

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