Current SummerSlam Main Event Plans For Triple H and Undertaker


The current plan for Summerslam is to build the pay-per-view around the returns of Triple H and The Undertaker.

According to Dave Meltzer, Triple H is most likely going to face Sheamus, while the Undertaker is probably going to face Kane (again). The Undertaker vs Kane match has been rumored for a long time is always schedule to change since WWE is taking some flack for overusing the Undertaker/Kane angle. Some people within creative are pushing for NXT being behind the Undertaker’s attack.




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  • Andrew

    I hate the idea of Nexus attacking Taker. For one they are always on Raw and Taker is on Smackdown. And two, Nexus doesn’t deserve to be able attack the Undertaker. They are too new.

  • evans

    i think nexus or jack swagger attacked the undertaker. undertaker is scheduled to face kane in a casket match for summerslam and triple h to face sheamus

  • jh

    So now that Triple H is out of action for SummerSlam, does this mean their going to have a turd like Mark Henry doing the job for Sheamus.. I couldnt see WWE doing anything else with him..

  • horsylegs

    i think there might be a tna invasion some tna guys might’ve attacked the undertaker.

  • Kevin

    I really think they should play the angle that it was Nexus. Cause honestly to me there is nothing else beleivable. If it was Kane, he couldn’t do that by himself & now that he has gotten so deep in finding who did it, if it turns out to be Kane that would be stupid. Let’s face it no one really did it. He broke his nose in a match with Rey. The reason it is beleivable it can be Nexus cause they are trying to make an impact. What more of an impact in hurting the greatest WWE superstar ever. Nexus haven’t been on Smackdown which makes it more believable cause Kane would then never find who did it until they make a surprise guest 7 then look out. If it is going to happen it will be soon cause Summerslam is gonna be here soon. It won’t happen this week, maybe at the PPV or the next SD after the PPV

  • Kiwikid

    NXT is the only believable reason, but I cannot see the storyline progressing as they have delved far into the feud with Cena. I mean, a storyline across brands (although HBK and Taker was pulled off nicely) is very difficult, adding another storyline against Cena and the majority of RAW, I just don’t see it happening.

    As with Hunter, let’s hope he get’s well soon.

  • Sammy Nasri

    I am also pushing for nxt being behind the undertaker’s attack and I propose a match between Brothers of destruction and the nxt.

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