WWE NXT Results (7/6)

Source: PWPix.net

NXT announcers are introduced to a chorus of boos for Michael Cole.

NXT begins with Matt Striker in the ring with a podium.

Pros are introduced individually. Zack Ryder says he does not understand why people voted his rookie last and claims he was robbed. John Morrison says he would have voted off The Miz.

The NXT rookies are introduced individually. Husky Harris said Striker knows how dangerous he is. Alex Riley says being No. 4 is a joke. Kaval says listen to the WWE Universe.

“Talk the Talk Challange.” The NXT rookies were given 10 seconds to think and 30 to speak. The winner gets a talk show next week.

Percy Watson’s topic was glasses.

Kaval’s topic was chicken.

Eli Cottonwood’s topic was mustache.

Michael McGillicutty’s topic was breath.

Husky Harris’s topic was doorknob.

Lucky Cannon’s topic was deodorant.

Alex Riley’s topic was pigeon.

Percy Watson won via crowd vote.

1. Michael McGillicutty defeated Percy Watson in 2:29. Watson won with with a sunset flip and is over (for a NXT guy).

2. The Miz beat Kaval in 5:51 with his finisher. Nice series of offensive moves from Kaval during the match.

3. Cody Rhodes and Husky Harris defeated Mark Henry and Lucky Cannon in 2:51. Cody botched the first swinging neckbreaker and had to redo it to get the pin.