Bret Hart Comments on Martha Hart’s Lawsuit Against WWE

– Though he is not actively performing for WWE, Bret Hart showed no hesitation in siding with the wrestling company for its legal battle with Martha Hart.

Martha Hart, the widow of Owen Hart, filed a suit over WWE’s use of the late wrestler’s likeness, and Bret feels an attempt to remove Owen from wrestling history would make him “turn in his grave.”

“I believe Owen would turn in his grave watching Martha erase every single thing he ever did, all for spite,” wrote Hart on his Facebook page. “Martha Hart needs to celebrate Owen’s memory as much as possible, not block it away forever. How stupid and selfish is that? In her own book, she wrote how even though she was angry at Vince, she didn’t hate him and that she felt he was truly sorry about what happened. She had written him a letter in order for her to move on and be at peace. Maybe she should practice what she preached.”

Bret notes that Owen was a “great [wrestler] and proud of it” and that “Martha Hart has done nothing to keep his memory alive and sadly, he fades from view a little more every year. I do suspect this lawsuit is more about publicity, ego, and small-mindedness than it is about pro-wrestling and all of those that are in it.”

“I know Owen was always proud of his body of work. His fans have never forgotten him and most of today’s WWE wrestlers and hundreds of employees have never forgotten him. They speak endlessly of loving memories that speak volumes on what kind of person he was,” added Bret.

In addition to putting WWE’s crew over as the most “wholesome bunch of athletes anywhere in any profession,” Hart adds that “The best thing I can do for Owen’s kids is take them backstage and introduce them to all the people who love and remember their dad. Owen is loved and missed everyday. Why Martha would insist they never know these people is sad and pathetic.”

He also notes that the rest of the Hart family has “found a way to forgive and move on for the sake of the next generation’s well-being,” referencing The Hart Dynasty’s current presence on WWE television.




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  • Elise

    seriously, like Bret said she made peace with vince when owen died and now she is sueing him what a idiot i think Owen deserves to rest in peace and plus how much more money does a person need she is set for life with the settlement she got when Owen died she is just digging up the past not letting herself and her kids move on, and plus sueing the wwe won’t bring Owen back so what is she really accomplishing?

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