First Elimination and Poll Revealed for NXT Season 2

– The first season two WWE NXT poll took place Tuesday night, and WWE dropped one of the eight contestants from the weekly series.

Billed as combining the pros’ vote with fan voting, the poll gave the first window into how WWE and the fans are evaluating the eight WWE prospects. Lucky Cannon had achieved “immunity” by winning the keg challenge, so his position in the poll was irrelevant.

The voting (in order) was as follows:

Percy Watson
Michael McGillicutty
Alex Riley
Lucky Cannon
Eli Cottonwood
Husky Harris
Titus O’Neil (Eliminated)

With Money in the Bank around the corner, I wonder who will come out on top in the Smackdown match. I wish you could engage on some online betting for this card since you could end up with some pretty good odds with 8 participants. As far as RAW is concerned, it would be nice to see WWE push a younger star like John Morrison.