Ring Rust Review: Girls Rule, Guys Drool

So last time I gave my opinion on what I think of WWE management so this week I thought I would give TNA equal consideration. Now despite its many faults TNA still has better overall wrestling than WWE. While Dixie and friends tend to copy and reuse old WWE storylines they seem to be also following other WWE trends. Those TNA fans that were around pre-Hogan were treated to some great wrestling, no not AJ Styles and Samoa Joe, more along the lines of Gail Kim and Awesome Kong.

Just going back to 2008-2009 you had ladies such as Gail Kim, Awesome Kong, ODB, Traci Brooks, Alissa Flash, Roxxi, The Beautiful People. Jacqueline, Hamada, Taylor, you can even add Tara. The knockouts were the crown jewel of TNA so much so that rumors started about making an all knockout show. So what happened to all that? We are left with a handful of knockouts that quite frankly are making the train wreck that is the WWE divas division seems almost watchable. Seriously at this point I’d rather hop on YouTube and watch GLOW yeah it sucked but at least Sly’s mom was mildly entertaining and I got a good laugh from it.

I do not understand why it is so hard to maintain a decent women’s division in wrestling, if you read the websites and dirt sheets everyone from Eric Bischoff to JR to Vince believe that women wrestling women in a straight out match does not sell and can never main event a card. I’m sure ladies like Trish Status and the late Fabulous Moolah would differ, heck I can make an argument that for a six month period Wendi  Richter was up there behind Hogan in popularity during the Rock N’ Wrestling days.  Now don’t get me wrong I enjoy a good bra and panties match as much as the next guy however the majority of these women are great athletes and should be able to display that ability in the ring, The Knockouts proved that women wrestling can get ratings.  TNA is dropping the ball on this big time, it’s time to get rid of the side show attraction, eye candy, let me go to the bathroom for this match aspect of women wrestling  and get back to basics which is good solid matches and decent storylines. The mudslide, whip on a pole panties whatever match can be saved for special occasions.

Now in order to make this work a couple of things need to happen, first all the “good ol’ boys” are going to have to get over it and share the spotlight, most of these girls have better skills than their male counterparts but are not allowed to show it because there job is to look pretty and there has always been the mentality that women cannot wrestle as well as men. I thought Dixie would change that and she did but along came ‘the savior’ Hogan who I guess feels different.  Dixie please tell Hogan to stick his bias attitude where his hair don’t grow and bring back my knockout division.  Another  change that would have to happen is a new ring design, this is where that all knockout show would come in handy, most of the female wrestlers are not tall enough to work the current wrestling rings, using moves off the ropes is awkward and clumsy due to ropes being too high.  Make a smaller ring and watch them go to town.  Finally these women need air time, TNA did not have this problem more so than WWE, but stories, promos need to be fleshed out more and given time to grow interest. I have to admit a good example was the James/McCool storyline, it was given a couple of months to grow and gave us a good payoff and the fans really took to it.  That’s it time for these ladies to revolt and start their own company, GLOW 2.0 anyone? Until next time let’s watch